Born on this day, I’m born with the most business material. I’ll be the boss sooner or later

Hello teacher, it is recommended by friends. Now the most headache is the children’s study. The third year of senior high school next semester will face the college entrance examination next year. I don’t know whether I can take the entrance examination or not. Let’s have a look at his studies and his future fortune and development direction. Male, a dragon, was born in 2000 at 10:00 a.m. on the twelfth day of the twelfth lunar month.

Jiamu was born in ziyue, and the eight character character character was printed in the style of “Zi Yue”. The eight character combination of the eight characters was the year column Gengchen. Qi Sha Sheng consumed yen, the moon dried up and the earth floated, and the sky dried body became image. The moon pillar itself had become the God of food and wealth, and the yen was powerful. The eight character Japanese yen was slightly weak, and God water wood was used instead of fire, earth and gold.

[life fortune analysis] the eight character yen is weak, while the rich star favors the God of food to make money, which indicates that the master of life is smart, quick in reaction and active in thought. However, if you have too much money, you will not have enough academic achievements. Eight character tiangan piancai seven kill, personality is more rebellious, not good at accepting the education of parents and teachers, personality on their own way.

fortunately, the master of food is still a very kind and clever person in his heart. He has a small rebellious personality, but he doesn’t make mischievous trouble for his parents. However, the current academic performance is not satisfactory, and the eight character mark also shows that the master has a certain talent in learning. Only the eight characters printed in the blank, the mind is not in the study, the flow of water fill in the blank, then the academic performance has a certain room for improvement, can also be admitted to the very ordinary second college.

If an official is born out of the talent and wealth, the employer’s employment direction is not that of the employees of large companies and enterprises. Being partial to wealth is the ultimate trend. Then, the road of life is mostly one’s own venture capital business. The eight character Japanese branch is stronger than one’s shoulder to help one’s body, so he has a firm personality and pays more attention to his career. Therefore, his financial fortune is smooth and his entrepreneurial road is easier to achieve success than his peers.

if the eight character yen is weak and India is used for comparison, the owner is very good at handling interpersonal relations. He has good social and working relationships, and he is easy to get the help of friends in everything, so he has a good relationship with noble people in his life.

I have a strong sense of business and can firmly grasp the opportunity. The investment business is very successful and the economic income is diversified. This eight character is a typical businessman’s eight character, which is printed in the starry sky and dies. Therefore, as a parent, don’t expect how good the children’s achievements are, but just let the life owner develop in the direction of their own interests and hobbies, and give full play to their nature. In the future, there will be unexpected success in life, business investment and business.

2015-2024 is the year of Geng Yinyun. It is the same as the seven kill system of tiangan dizhi. He has an independent personality and strong personality. He is not good at accepting the opinions of teachers. His academic performance is unsatisfactory, and he has too much ups and downs. He has a big heart to play. His mind does not need to study.

2018 and 2019 are the senior two school years. If the sky is dry and the earth branches are still prosperous, the financial star is still flourishing, and if the financial prosperity is broken, the academic performance will be mediocre. In 2019, the local sub branch’s Hai Yun study results will be slightly improved.

2019 and 2020 are the year of gengzi. The official seals of the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches of the fleeting years fill in the space of the seal stars. The master’s academic performance has been unexpectedly improved, and his mind is also used in learning. He is glad to be admitted to a junior college or a secondary school.

the year 2020-2024 is the chennian year of zichouyinmao. During the four-year period, it is the period of university study. The academic performance of the first two years is not satisfactory, and it is easy to fail. After 2023, the academic performance will improve and graduate smoothly.

at the age of 25, he went to Xinmao Universiade. The day of the Universiade was heavenly stems and earthly branches. The official system robbed money and balanced eight characters and five elements. I am easy to find a satisfactory job. I have a good interpersonal relationship in the workplace. I have laid a good foundation for starting my own career in the future. My income is relatively stable.

2031-2033 is the year of Hai Zi Chou. With the help of heaven, earth, and stars, it has the image of investment business and entrepreneurship, and can firmly grasp the opportunity. The business and financial fortune shows a steady upward trend, and personal business talent can be revealed.

at the age of 35, he went to Renchen Yun, the Universiade was in charge of offset printing, and the printing star was responsible for supporting the Japanese yen, which ordered the development of the work career smoothly. On the way to start a business, the investment business is diversified, the economic income is diversified, the economy on hand is abundant, and the business and financial operation has entered the peak period.

[analysis of fate adjustment] at present, we are still in the stage of study. We suggest that you should wear black or dark clothes when you wear eight characters, which is beneficial to improve learning consciousness and academic performance. You can also set the desk in the northeast of the study, which is also one of the ways to improve your performance. Set up a rabbit doll on the desk to improve your overall fortune.

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