Black Shark 3S evaluation: better performance, only for the ultimate game experience

Friends who pay close attention to our Sanyi life may know that we may be one of the first technology media to notice the “game phone” market segment. As early as the second half of 2017, we wrote an article to speculate on the possible design elements of the “game phone”. At that time, we proposed that the relatively cool appearance, flagship SOC, stack heat dissipation design, high frame rate screen, and camera configuration compromise with ordinary flagship models might be the development direction of future game phones.

now it seems that our conjecture at that time is undoubtedly correct. But the problem is that from 2017 to 2020, when “game phones” have changed from concept to reality, and even become a popular category favored by consumers, traditional flagship models are actually making progress. For example, large-scale thermal stacks, such as ultra-high refresh rate screens, and high-quality stereo speakers, have become standard in many flagship products that are not specifically targeted at the positioning of game phones.

in this way, when the difference between the flagship model and the “professional game phone” begins to narrow, for game phone manufacturers, it actually means that the competition is more difficult and the requirements for product originality are improved. Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing for the game phone market or for the game phone enthusiasts, because it means that the manufacturers with the most strength and understanding of the player’s needs can stand out from it.

for example, the black shark game phone 3S that we are going to test today is a new product just launched by black shark technology, one of the first domestic game mobile phone brands. From the name, we can see that it is the follow-up product of black shark game mobile phone 3 released at the beginning of this year. Then the question is, what improvements has it made, and whether it can show its own characteristics in today’s fierce market?

objectively speaking, among a large number of relatively “old” game phones, black shark may always be the most daring and willing to be the “next generation” one in terms of appearance design. Back in the previous era of black shark halo and Black Shark 2, many users were deeply impressed by the unique X-shaped antenna design and the edge modeling of metal and glass splicing.

but to the black shark 3S generation, it must be admitted that it is still one of the most eye-catching game phones. It can be seen that the two large “X” metal frames on the back of the machine form a splicing and wrapping effect with the glass back plate. It not only looks highly recognizable, but also feels quite different from other products.

at the upper and lower ends of the aircraft back, the triangular decorative panels introduced from black shark 3 and the back shot arranged in inverted triangle give the black shark 3S a very high modeling recognition. With the laser texture of the back plate of this new design, the “X” shape element at the rear of the fuselage is more prominent. Even if the friends who don’t play games see black shark 3S for the first time, I believe they can feel that “this mobile phone is not ordinary”.

of course, friends who are familiar with black shark game mobile phones know that this “X” exterior design is not just for good-looking. It actually embodies two major features of its internal structure design: one is the multi antenna structure with “X” distribution; the other is the horizontal central motherboard + dual battery and upper and lower double heat pipe heat dissipation design adopted since Black Shark 3. The latter not only gives black shark 3 and black shark 3S unique dual cell 65W fast charging ability, but also moves the main control of snapdragon 865 to the position where the hand is not easy to touch when using the horizontal screen in the middle of the fuselage, which effectively improves the heat dissipation effect of the fuselage and the comfort of the hands in the game.

on this basis, according to the official statement, black shark 3S focused on optimizing the distribution of the center of gravity inside the fuselage when playing horizontal screen games, which greatly improved the sense of grip balance when playing the game. From our experience, we can feel that the whole fuselage center of black shark 3S is evenly distributed in both horizontal and vertical grip, especially when it is used with the newly added game sense control function, we can clearly feel the significance of the official carefully polishing the new machine feel.

Finally, we think it is necessary to mention the front of black shark 3S this time. The stereo loudspeakers at the top and bottom of the screen, and the 3.5mm headphone connector reserved on the metal frame are basically necessary designs for game phones. However, the complete flat screen of black shark 3S can be regarded as one of the most important user experience tools.

because this is a 6.67-inch, 2400 * 1080 resolution screen from Samsung’s 120Hz refresh rate AMOLED screen. It not only has high brightness of 500nit, supports hdr10 + high dynamic range video, but also has the unique diamond pixel arrangement of “Samsung screen”, which naturally has clearer visual effect than other OLED screens. Especially in the display of game text and small icons, black shark 3S this screen clarity and color performance advantages, as long as you have seen friends will have a profound experience.

after talking about the appearance, let’s talk about the performance of black shark 3S this time. First of all, compared with the previous black shark 3, the black shark 3S has upgraded its memory and memory chip configuration to lpddr5 + ufs3.1. In combination with the snapdragon 865 mobile platform, the memory bandwidth and storage performance of the flagship chip can be fully released.

but this is not the biggest killer of black shark 3S in terms of performance, because friends who are familiar with black shark game phones may know that they have launched a “ice sealed heat dissipation clip Pro” peripheral based on semiconductor refrigeration technology a long time ago. In the black shark 3S, there are many new features related to performance, which need to have a very high cooling capacity to ensure its normal function. To put it more bluntly, it is best to use it with “ice cooling back clip Pro”.

for example, in the black shark 3S game space, that is, “srark space”, we can find a multi segment performance adjustment interface. After the “roast chicken mode” is turned on, there will be a slider on the right side of the screen that can manually unlock the chip temperature control strategy. If it is full, the phone will immediately prompt that it may cause serious heat, so it is recommended to use it with external radiator.

for example, in the built-in “laboratory” of black shark 3S joyui 12 system, we can find a new function called “GPU acceleration”. The official said in its explanatory text that “it will increase fever”. Obviously, this is another official “overclocking” switch that is best used with extra cooling.

so, what will happen if we use all these semiconductor heat dissipation clips, GPU overclocking switches, and system temperature control sliders together?

we can see that after turning on the GPU to accelerate, turning on the highest performance mode, unlocking the self-contained temperature control strategy to the maximum, and attaching the ice sealed heat dissipation back clip pro, the performance of black shark 3S suddenly increased by a large amount. Among them, the low load performance is improved by nearly 50%, the pure 3D performance is improved by more than 13% compared with the default level of the snapdragon 865, and the ultimate comprehensive performance is also improved by 10.7%.

what does this mean? On the one hand, we can say that the performance adjustment options provided by black shark 3S this time are probably the most popular and playable game phones in recent years. Those who like to play with overclocking on the computer will obviously be in front of their eyes; on the other hand, it also tells us that for today’s high-performance smart phones, we should fully experience the top hardware To the pleasure, excellent cooling conditions is a very important thing.

with the performance that can be called “frightening”, with excellent screen, good enough feel and powerful cooling measures, for a game phone, the next thing to do is to play games.

just as we mentioned earlier, gently toggle the switch on the side of the fuselage to enter the game specific interface called “shark space”. Here, you can manage the game in a more close way to the game console, purchase, download, update, start, and customize the performance level, display effect, and sound balance and other details for each different game.

it is worth mentioning that black shark 3S has built-in independent display DSP, which brings two powerful display and processing functions. One is video inserting frame, which not only transforms low frame rate video into smoother high frame rate content, but also converts SDR to HDR, that is, transforming standard dynamic range color into high dynamic range color content. The latter one can not only work on video, but also be applied in games. Even if the mobile game itself is not adapted to HDR technology, as long as HDR option is enabled in the game profile of black shark 3S, the screen can be directly processed into a brighter and more colorful style through the in-machine display DSP. By the way, since the display DSP processes the picture content that has been rendered by GPU, it will not affect the game frame rate theoretically.

we can see that with the help of complex, powerful and professional software and hardware, black shark 3S can easily run a 120 frame large-scale hand game with full high effects. At the same time, its DSP image optimization and dual stereo speakers can also bring more immersive game enjoyment, and the 270Hz touch sampling rate can achieve accurate and sensitive control experience in the game. What’s more, under the pressure of the ice wind radiator, after the whole game test process is over, not only will the black shark 3S not feel any obvious heat, but also the frame and screen of the mobile phone may be extremely cool.

after playing the game, of course, you have to charge your mobile phone. Black Shark 3S has two built-in dual cell fast charging batteries, which are equivalent to 4720mah, and are equipped with 65W fast charging head which supports SQC charging protocol as standard. In our test, it can charge the phone 20% in 5 minutes, and it takes 37 minutes to charge from 1% to 100%. For the current flagship game phones, this is already a fantastic charging speed.

to be fair, for game phones, we should not be too demanding on the performance of cameras. However, as mentioned at the beginning of this review, in the current increasingly fierce competition in the game phone market, we do observe that game phone manufacturers generally pay attention to the performance of cameras. Although the number of cameras is not much, the quality is basically very good.

this is also applicable to black shark 3S. It can be seen that the black shark 3S is equipped with a three camera system consisting of 64 million pixel main camera, 13 million pixel super wide angle / macro range auxiliary camera and 5 million depth of field camera. The first impression it gives us is that the colors are more pleasant. Although the beautification of the in-flight AI is a little bit “too hard”, it is very in line with the public’s aesthetic sense to use it for making friends.

in addition, the camera system of black shark 3S has shown good focusing speed in both main camera and macro mode

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