Black hand to tiktok! Microsoft continues its social dream?

On August 2 local time, Microsoft announced on its official blog that it would continue to discuss the possibility of acquiring tiktok’s business in the United States. Microsoft also said it fully understood the importance of addressing Trump’s concerns and promised that the acquisition of tiktok would be subject to a comprehensive security review and provide appropriate economic benefits to the United States.

as the king giant in the PC era, in the past 20 years, from MSN Messenger, which was popular at first, to the launch of wallop, SOCl, whos in, and the acquisition of professional social software LinkedIn and yammer, Microsoft has made a lot of moves, and the end result was disastrous. Microsoft’s social related business is mainly LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s annual advertising revenue in the United States is about $2 billion, compared with Amazon’s advertising revenue of more than $5 billion in three years.

black hand reaches for tiktok! Microsoft, in collusion with Miguel to carve up China’s high-quality technology enterprises, still wants to continue its social dream?

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