Bill Gates: there is a worse disaster than “new coronavirus” waiting for mankind

According to the Russian satellite news agency on August 6, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that although the new coronavirus is “terrible”, there will be more terrible things waiting for mankind than the new coronavirus epidemic.

Bill Gates, admitting that it is difficult to focus on anything other than the new coronavirus, said on Wednesday that it is time to step up efforts to address climate change to avoid climate disaster. “Diseases associated with a variety of different viruses will occur on a regular basis if the other problem – climate change – is not addressed.” Gates said.

gates believes that the number of natural disaster victims may exceed the death toll of the new coronavirus epidemic. “By 2060, climate change could be as lethal as coronavirus, and by 2100 it could be more lethal, more than five times as lethal.” He stressed.

gates pointed out that the United States ranked second only to China in terms of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. He believes it is also important to review the production of goods and food and to help farmers adapt to climate change.

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