Biden revisits the old case of “police killed black people”, trying to pull the ballot box overturn

“It’s been six years since Michael Brown was killed at Ferguson, and this has once again sparked a movement.” Joe Biden, a former vice president and presidential candidate, tweeted an old case in which a black man was killed by a policeman on twitter, which was considered by Russian media to be an attempt to win the support of black voters. However, the tweet apparently failed to get Biden’s wish: it was mentioned that in this case, Biden was killed on suspicion of assaulting police officers, which happened to be sentenced when Biden was also vice president of the Obama administration. < p > < p > < p > “Russia today” reported on the 10th that Biden tweeted a case that occurred in August 2014 on twitter on the 9th: “Michael Brown has been killed in Ferguson for six years, and this has triggered a campaign again. We must continue to address systemic racism and reform the police system. ” At that time, the Federal Bureau of Justice said that the shooting of a black boy by the Federal Bureau of justice in August 2014 was about to take place. In 2015, the U.S. Department of justice under the Obama administration acquitted the police who killed Brown for alleged involvement in an attack on a police officer. After the justice department made the decision, protests and demonstrations began in many parts of the United States from Ferguson. Rt said the protest was a “Harbinger” of American protests this year. However, although Biden knew or should have known the end of the incident, he tweeted on the 9th that the man died of “racism” rather than his personal behavior, the report said. In response, radio host and fox news writer Sexton said, “according to the Justice Department investigation under the Obama administration, Michael Brown was killed because he was involved in an attack on a police officer. It is dishonest and shameful to pretend that Brown is a “martyr.” < / P > < p > “when this happened, you were the vice president, not a spectator. You had a chance, but what did you do? Yes, you didn’t do anything. ” In terms of Biden’s approach, RT believes Biden may have wanted to win the support of black voters, because he had two gaffes in an event hosted by black and Latino journalists last week. At that time, Biden first said that “unlike the black community, with the exception of some special circumstances, the Latino community is usually very diverse and has surprisingly different attitudes towards different things.” Then a black reporter asked Biden if he had taken a cognitive test, and Biden replied, “it’s like asking if you’ve ever had a test before you’re on this show to see if you’re taking cocaine. What do you think, huh? Are you a drug addict? ” 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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