Beirut port big bang economic loss 10 billion US dollars, the reason is still unknown

[Huang Peizhao, special correspondent of global times in Egypt] a few days have passed since the big explosion at Beirut port, which shocked the world. However, many local people are still worried about this, and some even can’t believe it is true. “When another dawn comes as scheduled, the shaken people in Lebanon wake up in nightmares,” the website of the daily newspaper of Lebanon wrote on the 6th. But for the government of Lebanon, how to face the huge impact of the Big Bang is the biggest “nightmare”. According to the Minister of health, the number of missing people has increased to nearly 6000, and the number of people injured has increased to 8886. On the same day, the government of Lebanon arrested another group of people involved in the case. A day earlier, Lebanon officials had placed several port officials under house arrest and launched investigations into them to thoroughly investigate the original

cause of the explosion. With the deepening of the case, more people will be involved. Lebanon’s supreme Defense Council has said that those involved will face the “maximum penalty”.

in addition to casualties, the economic losses caused by the explosion can not be underestimated. In an interview with Lebanon’s “incident” TV station, Beirut governor Marwan abd said that the economic losses caused by the big explosion in Beirut port were at least 10 billion to 15 billion US dollars. That’s much higher than his initial estimate of $3 billion to $5 billion.

French President Marcon began his visit to Lebanon on the 6th. In addition to holding talks with President ORN, Prime Minister diab, speaker of the national assembly and other political figures, he also visited the explosion site to show his support and comfort for Lebanon. After arriving at the airport, makron said his country would provide unconditional assistance to the people of Lebanon and expressed sympathy and concern to the families of all the victims and the missing. He also announced that France would coordinate with the United Nations to better help the people of Lebanon. “France will not leave Beirut alone,” he stressed. In his speech, makron called on Lebanon to carry out comprehensive “political and economic reform” and eliminate corruption, so as to govern the country well. He also said there was a “moral and political crisis” in Lebanon. Local media reported that France sent rescue workers to Lebanon on 5 and provided medical emergency supplies.

Lebanon was once a colonial power of France. France has a profound influence in Lebanon, and the two countries have special relations, and they have close political, economic and social relations. There are now about 25000 French citizens working and living in Lebanon. Mark Long’s visit to Lebanon highlights the extraordinary relationship between the two countries. However, some analysts believe that this is also an important opportunity for France to further control Lebanon and expand its influence in the Middle East.

according to the US “Capitol Hill” newspaper, US President trump eased the previous day’s remarks that the accident was “attack” when he talked about the big explosion in Beirut at a news conference on May 5, local time. He told reporters it was too early to determine whether the accident was intentional.

“whatever happens, it’s terrible,” trump said, “but they don’t really know what’s going on. No one knows yet. At this moment, they are looking. I mean, how can you tell it was an accident? ” Trump went on to say, “I don’t think anyone can say it now. We are investigating this very actively I mean, some people think it’s an attack, some think it’s not, “trump added.

Trump’s statement is not consistent with what he said the day before. At the White House epidemic briefing on the 4th, trump described the Beirut explosion as a “terrible attack”.

“it is very naive to blame the explosion on improper storage of fireworks,” major general Abbas Ibrahim, director of the General Administration of public security of Lebanon, said on the 6th that the container containing sodium nitrate was the source of the initial fire and explosion. There is no reasonable explanation for why these containers are there. Like major general Abbas Ibrahim, some public opinions believe that such a major “accident” at such a sensitive time is really unthinkable.

after the big bang, four former prime ministers of Lebanon jointly called for the establishment of an investigation commission supported by international organizations. Prime Minister diab of Lebanon also called for the establishment of an investigation committee to investigate the cause of the explosion within 48 hours and confirm the responsibility for the accident. Many political factions, such as the “future group”, also called for a professional international investigation into the explosion. But the proposals were opposed by some officials in Lebanon. The report quoted the LBC news agency in Lebanon as saying that the Chinese Minister Fahmi said that he did not support the international team to join the investigation into China in Lebanon. According to him, “the investigation of the port explosion will remain transparent and will take five days. All officials involved will be held responsible.”. At present, Lebanon’s foreign minister, Mr. Weber, does not want to engage in a comprehensive investigation at the present stage. Scorched by the flames of novel coronavirus pneumonia, unable to get up after a fall, the

Beirut Egypt reported that 6 of the big bang in the West was the current Lebanese government’s heavy burden. On the one hand, it should deal with the new outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. On the other hand, it would also face the economic situation of falling into a trough and failing to recover. At present, the devaluation of Lebanon’s currency is becoming more and more serious, and the public debt accounts for 150% of China’s GDP,

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