Beidou system has just completed the “global networking”, a bad news came from the rear, and the whole country fell into grief

The navigation system in China is called Beidou. It has been several decades since it was founded. However, the navigation system has been under construction. Until some time ago, the Beidou navigation system has just completed the global networking. However, a bad news came from the rear. Mr. Xu Qifeng, the navigation expert of Beidou star, died.

he was one of the most famous scientific researchers in modern China and one of the builders of Beidou satellite navigation system. When he built the navigation system, western countries were still chasing and intercepting China. They did not want China to develop rapidly. At that time, China’s economic strength was still weak, science and technology were also backward, and there were not many advanced instruments and equipment in that difficult environment. Mr. Xu Qifeng and others did not give up their efforts. They insisted on making contributions to the country and studying the navigation system. Finally, they used the way of step-by-step measurement to carry out scientific research step by step. They successfully solved various technical problems and achieved a great success.

they have made an indelible and significant contribution to the establishment of Beidou satellite navigation system. We can now live such a convenient life and rely on the navigation system. We have to thank Mr. Xu Qifeng and others for their efforts in those years. Therefore, the death of Mr. Xu Qifeng is indeed a huge loss to our country.

Mr. Xu Qifeng once had an interview with the media. He said that as long as I can still act normally and work normally, it proves that I am still young and can continue to contribute to the country. Such dedication is moving and admirable. Some netizens commented that although Mr. Xu Qifeng left us forever, his dedication and scientific research spirit should be inherited. It is hoped that the national scientific research personnel will continue their efforts to carry out research like Mr. Xu Qifeng, fulfill the wishes of the elderly and realize the great rejuvenation of the nation.

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