Before studying in the United States, she was determined to serve her motherland, but after graduation she married an American. How is her life now

Nowadays, more and more college students will consider continuing to study for further study, especially this year’s graduates will face a particularly severe employment environment. Postgraduate education can not only improve their education, but also temporarily avoid this difficult period of employment. In addition, with the improvement of people’s living standards in China, many students with better family conditions will choose to go abroad for postgraduate studies as long as their scores permit. Generally speaking, there are two choices for postgraduate study, one is to study in China, the other is to study abroad. However, the cost of studying abroad is relatively large, and the general family conditions may not be able to provide for children to study abroad.

the more well-known universities abroad are, the higher the tuition fees are. However, if we are able to apply for full scholarships to foreign universities, in fact, studying abroad may not be a bad thing. There was once a girl named Liu Yiting, who won a full scholarship to Harvard University. Although there are not a few people who can obtain the full scholarship of foreign universities every year, why is Liu Yiting so special?

the reason is that before Liu Yiting officially went abroad to study abroad, she made bold words with the help of the media. Young, she is determined to study abroad, learn advanced experience abroad, after graduation will return to the country to serve the motherland. Such a young girl, unexpectedly has such a deep patriotic feelings, this speech also moved countless netizens, many netizens also leave messages to support, and said that there are such patriotic young people worthy of praise. Liu Yiting went to the United States to study in this way. But how much we expected of her at that time, we would be disappointed in the future.

after graduating from Harvard successfully, Liu Yiting did not return to the motherland as she had said. Instead, after graduation, she chose to stay in the United States and marry a white local. Today, she has a stable job in the United States. After all, she is a Harvard student. Such talents will be popular in any country.

Liu Yiting’s accession to US citizenship is a loss for China. But where to stay is a personal choice. As spectators, we can’t restrain these people with the so-called moral standards. If the interests are in front of us, how can we ensure that we are not attracted? Many scholars choose to go abroad for better material conditions. In some fields, the development of foreign countries is indeed more advanced than that of China. For scholars, living abroad can provide more convenient conditions for their research.

we also need to find the reasons for the brain drain. Only when our country is really strong and can provide a better environment for these scholars, domestic scholars will not choose to develop abroad, and even attract some foreign scholars to come to China.

in addition, it also reflects the influence of parents on children’s education. After receiving the notice from Harvard University, Liu Yiting’s mother also took the opportunity to write a book about how to educate her children. After the book was officially released, it was very popular. Many parents expected to learn from this book how to educate their children. Although they can’t guarantee that they can hand over a child who has been admitted to Harvard University, it is also worth it if the children’s scores can be improved.

Liu Yiting’s mother mentioned in her book that when her child was young, she would let her child hold an ice cube in her hand in order to make her child pay more attention. This kind of education has caused a great controversy for a while. Some parents think that this kind of education may leave a great shadow on the children’s mind.

we can’t generalize the way we educate our children. Liu Yiting’s mother’s education philosophy can only provide a reference for parents and friends, but we can’t mechanically apply other people’s educational theories to our children.

parents have great influence in the growth of their children. Our every move is seen in the eyes of children, ignorant children may also imitate the behavior of their parents, “son like their father” is exactly this truth. If you really want your child to be a good person, then parents should first set a good example for their children.

Maybe most parents don’t want their children to be Liu Yiting today. They used to boast about Haikou, but now they have become untrustworthy. In our country, many highly educated talents choose to stay abroad after they go abroad for further study, and some of them choose to return home for development after graduation. However, after returning home for a few years, they finally choose to return abroad because they are not suitable for the domestic scientific research environment. Yan Ning, a Chinese scientist, decided to return to Tsinghua University as a professor after studying in Princeton University. After teaching in Tsinghua University for several years, Yan Ning still chose to leave Tsinghua University and return to the United States.

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