Baokemeng is one of the top 30 companies in the year, and Jiahe Rana is still popular. New baokemeng will appear in 20 years

One year has passed before you know it. Half a year has passed since the arrival of baokemeng sword / shield in 19 years. It’s just amazing how time flies and how time flies!

as a result, the list of the top 30 baokemeng in the new year’s election has also been released. The list is cast by players with 1 vote and 1 vote according to the comprehensive strength and popularity of baokemeng. Let’s have a look at these lovely and powerful baokemeng!

No.30: xuetun worm. Snow baby comes from the 8th era, that is, sword / shield. His ability is not so strong, but his appearance is really soft and lovely. I think snow baby can be on the list, is entirely due to Meng Hun pass.

29th: Flaming chicken. Compared with xuebaomeng, the flaming chicken is probably based on its strength. Regardless of its appearance, the fire attribute and basic super high attack power of the flame chicken were once banned because of its strength.

28th place: Lizard King. Lizard King and Flamingo are almost popular, and people often compare them together. Although they belong to the four generations of the three, but the two attributes are different, nothing like.

27 dragons are three dragons. In the eight generations, the three dragons have added a lot of strength and legend, and their appearance is as strong as ever; 26 are desert dragonflies, and the little dragonflies have always been regarded as the worst dragon system. Although they are regarded as the most miserable dragon system, their popularity is still higher than the three dragons. So, you need to think about why.

25 are steel armored crows. What impresses people most is his eyes. Every time we look at him, there is always a feeling of being despised. This is probably the reason why players vote for him. It comes from stupid human worship of the wise. 24 are Zongyan werewolves, with different forms and attributes, but the appearance of wolf people is very excellent.

23 solo yaks, 22 tree owls, 21 piano stealing cats and 20 Ibrahimovic. IBU can be regarded as the representative of Baoke’s warm baby dream. He is gentle and naive. The performance in “sword / shield” is also commendable. It can capture the enemy’s heart with the appearance on its neck. What can make fluffy control out of control?

19 Pikachu. Pikachu’s popularity is very high, which is higher than the circle of games and film and television. In the 19 summer vacation, there are also its big movies. Among them, Pikachu’s performance is commendable. However, in baokemeng game, Pikachu won more than 4W votes, which is also an affirmation of his strength and popularity.

there are 18 crystal lighters, 17 Holy Shield sword monsters, 16 wood and wood birds, 15 rocky and 14 trembling string newts. The baokemeng in the version of sword / shield shows that the newt father is very strong.

the 13th place is Miao frog seed, which is affectionately called “garlic king eight” by many players and audiences. No matter in the film or animation, Pikachu’s part is far higher than that of Miao frog. However, although Miao wa has always been indifferent to Pikachu, he actually helps him every time. Therefore, it is generally recognized that Miao frog is Pikachu’s best friend. The ranking of Miao frog 13 is not only the recognition of his strength, but also the affirmation of his popularity!

12 were bangeras, 11 were Doron baruto, 10 were genggui, the ninth was saneido, the eighth was liekongzi, the seventh was the biting Land Shark, the fifth and sixth were the moon IBU and fairy IBU of the IBU family.

the top four were jiahelan frog, lucalio, enigma Q and dragon. As the trump card of Xiaozhi, baokemeng, Jiahe’s fighting ability is needless to say. For a long time, the popularity of Jiahe Rana is high.

in addition, Nintendo will produce a new baokemeng in 2020, which is called salad. Although it is thought that salad may be a Baoke dream who is mainly attacking, according to salold’s description, evil monkeys living in dense forests will use vines grown on their wrists to carry out daily life. Sometimes, they will attach therapeutic effects to the cane and let the cane coil into the wound Cure.

so, salad is likely to be a healing treasure dream, even though the cane can attack. Well, I don’t know if this kind of baokemeng, who can fight and cure, can attract everyone’s attention.

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