Bao Doug: supply chain adjustment and “decoupling” between China and the United States are two different things

[Zhang mengxu, special correspondent of global times to the United States] “what kind of policy the United States will adopt towards China in the future is closely related to domestic issues.” Recently, Bao Doug, former vice president of Carnegie Endowment for international peace, said in a telephone interview with a reporter from the global times that the strategy of engagement with China has produced quite favorable results for the United States, China and the international community. In the long run, there is still considerable potential for us China cooperation. In an interview, baudoug said that US Secretary of state pompeio has repeatedly repeated a theme over the past period of time, namely, the failure of the US strategy of engagement with China. “In my opinion and some other observers, pompeio’s statement is not correct. The strategy of engagement with China pursued by the United States has produced quite favorable results for the United States, China and the international community. If they think that the contact with China is to change China’s political system, they have misunderstood the original intention of the contact policy. ” For the current “new cold war” theory of the US political circles towards China, baudoug believes that this is not a proper description of the relationship between the two countries. He said that, of course, there are contradictions and competition between the United States and China, but today’s US China relations are quite different from those between the US and the Soviet Union in the 1950s and 1980s. At present, the trade, financial and investment exchanges between the two countries are not possessed by the US Soviet relations. Moreover, from the perspective of the whole world, there is no trend of polarization. Most countries do not want to choose between the United States and China. It is in their interests to maintain friendly relations with the United States and China at the same time. In the long run, US China cooperation is still important, but it seems unlikely in the short term. “We need to see whether the two countries can resume cooperation after the new US administration takes office next year,” he said. He said that technological development and the progress of the times have made it impossible for the United States and China to “decouple.”. One of the great differences between China and the middle ages is that in the post industrial revolution era, countries can not afford to “decouple” and it is impossible to realize real “decoupling”. If we have to build a fence between the United States and China, it is likely that it will only work in the short term and will not work in the long run. In baudoug’s view, with the evolution and adjustment of economic globalization, the world may shrink from the extreme globalization at the beginning of the 21st century. There may be some changes in the global supply chain, and countries will try their best to ensure that their supply chains are more flexible. However, this is an overall adjustment of the concept of economic globalization, which is different from “decoupling”. Baodoug believes that due to the contradictions and conflicts between the United States and China on a series of issues such as Hong Kong and the South China Sea, the atmosphere of bilateral relations has changed and it will take a long time to repair them. He is not sure whether the United States is right to compete with China in a series of important areas, but what kind of China policy the United States adopts is closely related to domestic issues. “The United States needs to be confident from within, and we want to see the United States take bipartisan measures to strengthen its economy, promote technological progress, and make racial and social relations healthier. America needs to be confident. If these internal problems can be solved, then I am optimistic about the US China relations. But the challenges are increasing and changing. We need to first look at what the next administration of the United States will do. ” In Germany, 1147 new crown cases were added in a single day, breaking 1000 for the second consecutive day in three months

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