At the end of the high school entrance examination, students have three choices. Have you chosen?

Time is very fast, in a twinkling of an eye, this year’s high school entrance examination is also about to end. After the examination, many students are faced with the first watershed of their life and will also face the first choice of life.

with the passage of time, the entrance examination for senior high schools in many provinces and cities is coming to an end. After the exam, they will face the first choice in life. There are three choices for junior high school graduates.

this kind of students usually don’t go to high school to earn some money. They don’t want to study in junior high school and just want to play. After graduation, he immediately went out to work. The advantage is that you can experience life, experience the difficulties of parents, make money and spend it by yourself, and help parents relieve the pressure of family.

but the bad thing is that after graduating from junior high school, the age is too young to go to work. Basically, it is not in accordance with the law. Without experience, it’s easy to be cheated. Although it lightens the burden for parents, it also worries parents. And the factory work is the most tiring, but take little money.

can only be an ordinary worker, without status, not respected by others, with low income and difficult life. Can you continue to work coolies when you are old? What will you rely on to support yourself in the next ten years? There is also a risk of unemployment at any time, which will eventually be eliminated by the society. With the development of science and technology, the drudgery will eventually be replaced by modern machines.

high school is the highest stage of basic education. Influenced by traditional concepts, some parents or students think that they will have a lot of face if they go to high school and go to university. After high school, students can enter an ordinary university, and those with excellent results can enter key universities.

but after going to the general high school, some students will learn bad because of lack of self-confidence. Some students from poor families feel that it is a burden to spend money on learning knowledge every day. In fact, on the surface of serious study, the heart can not be calm, very low self-esteem.

they spend their parents’ money on school. In the end, I didn’t learn anything and developed many bad habits. High cost and heavy burden. Three year high school costs about 30000 yuan. If you go to college after graduation, the cost for four years is 50000 yuan or 60000 yuan.

the worst thing is that I didn’t get into the university entrance examination, so I could only act as an ordinary worker. High school learning is the basic knowledge and culture, they do not have any skills, can not adapt to the job requirements, and is not competitive at all, so they have to do the general work of the front line. If this situation continues, it will be very difficult to develop and there will even be a risk of unemployment.

the technical secondary school has the advantages of low cost, quick effect, good employment, free national policy, and light family financial burden. After high school entrance examination did not take the entrance examination of students, although the results are not good, but the hands-on ability is also very good, very suitable for operating technology.

it is also good to choose a suitable major and study hard. You can learn not only cultural knowledge, but also a skill. After graduation, you can take part in the entrance examination of national colleges and universities, or you can get employment directly and base on the society.

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