At least two people died in a rare storm in the Midwest of the United States

Overseas network, August 13 (Xinhua) a rare storm occurred in the Midwest of the United States a few days ago. The sudden storm destroyed part of the power grid facilities, flattened the farmland, and killed at least two people. At present, the storm is still continuing. According to Fox News, after the storm landed in the United States on the 10th, it quickly caused adverse effects on several states. Winds of 112 miles per hour were blowing near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Power poles and trees were cut off in several States, and roofs of residents were overturned. According to the national weather service, the storm caused seven tornadoes in downtown Chicago, one of which reached 110 miles per hour. The storm also destroyed the iconic white spire of Whitton University Church on the outskirts of Chicago, affecting 133000 people. A government spokesman in Cedar Rapids said the storm injured dozens of local people and triggered two fires. < p > < p > power companies said on the 11th that they have restored nearly half of their 340000 Internet services in Iowa, Illinois and Indiana, and it may take several days for power supply to be fully restored. < p > < p > when the storm swept through Iowa, a large area of local crops were damaged. Iowa agriculture minister nag said about 10 million acres of nearly 31 million acres of agricultural land were destroyed. In addition, a lot of grain stored in cooperatives and farms has been blown away by the wind. The storm also killed at least two people. A man from Iowa was hit by fallen trees while riding. The other, a 73 year old woman from Indiana, was found holding a boy in a house destroyed by the storm. Constellation

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