As the U.S. presidential election approaches, trump Biden shows his magic for the final sprint

Foreign media said that the United States is scheduled to hold a presidential election in November, and the national congresses of both parties will lock in their party’s presidential nomination this month. According to Washington, August 10 (Reuters) – U.S. President trump said on the 10th local time that he is considering the location of his speech to accept the Republican presidential nomination later this month, either in the White House or in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the Civil War battlefield. “We will announce the decision soon,” he tweeted The speech, which marks the closing of the Republican National Convention, will be held on August 27. The plan for this year’s National Congress of both the Republican and democratic parties has been completely disrupted by the new outbreak, according to the report. The epidemic situation in the United States is particularly serious and has become an important issue in the presidential election. According to the original plan, the Republican National Convention from 24th to 27th of this month should be held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both parties hope to capture the state in the autumn. Today, only one-day official events will be held, and the number of participants will be greatly reduced. Last week, former Vice President Biden’s plan to deliver a presidential nomination speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was canceled. Wisconsin is also a state of fierce competition between the two parties. Officials said Biden will deliver a speech in his hometown of Delaware, affected by the epidemic. Biden and his vice presidential candidates will be formally nominated by their party at the National Convention, which will be held mainly online from 17 to 20 this month. According to the US “Capitol Hill” Daily website on August 10, less than 90 days before the U.S. presidential election, Trump and Biden’s campaign teams are fighting for every advantage in the radio and the field. < / P > < p > Trump’s campaign team and the Republican National Committee are taking an active field strategy, sending live workers wearing masks to their homes to counter Biden’s advertising campaign. < / P > < p > the trump campaign has been investing heavily in field staff and strengthening face-to-face contact with voters. Despite the outbreak, field workers last week knocked on the doors of one million households in 23 states. Biden will accept his party’s nomination in Delaware instead of going to Milwaukee to attend the nomination convention. He has made careful handling of the new coronavirus at the heart of his campaign. According to reports, Biden’s staff did not knock on the door, believing it was unsafe and would upset voters during the outbreak. Instead, his campaign focused on making sure people could mail votes. Trump has been pushing the economy back to normal, even with new outbreaks in some re opening states, according to the report. People have taken a more cautious attitude, accusing the president of restarting too fast, life-threatening and prolonging the epidemic. According to the guardian website on August 10, trump seemed to be doomed a month ago. Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the United States have increased sharply, and consumers have decided to isolate themselves. People are worried about a new round of unemployment. Today, Trump’s prospects, though not optimistic, have improved enough to trigger a debate about whether the president is expected to win an unexpected victory like Truman did in 1948. According to the report, trump is by no means Truman, and is facing a situation that is not conducive to re-election: the epidemic is more difficult to eliminate than he easily predicted six months ago. The epidemic has damaged the economy of trumpley’s campaign. Biden is in the lead in all the major swing states.

one novel coronavirus pneumonia seems to have reached its peak. Some larger states have made clear indications that the epidemic is improving. The development of the epidemic in the next few months will have a substantial impact on the economic situation. < p > < p > Second, it is ironic that China’s vitality rebounded more quickly than expected, prompting global stock markets to rise. Trump has the upper hand on both sides of the story: he is taking advantage of China’s growth while taking a tough stance on Trade and human rights issues with China, which some voters eat. At the end of the day, he has benefited from the current president’s ability to play some spectacular stunts, such as signing executive orders to provide new help to the unemployed. To win re-election, trump can’t go wrong in the next few months, and everything will be fine: new crown cases will no longer surge, the economy will not suffer a setback, and Wall Street stock prices will not collapse, according to the report. It’s a difficult task to accomplish, but Biden shouldn’t think it’s a winner. Media: according to the data of the last two weeks, one person died of the new crown every 15 seconds

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