Analysts’ view: the military sector continued to lead the market

Recently, the market continues to fluctuate at a high level. This high level is relative to the long-term consolidation area under 3000 points before the Shanghai index. In this consolidation stage, what hot spots are the most attractive? There is no doubt that the military industry plate! The author saw that one day, six military ETFs were trading at the same time, and the whole market was boiling. It can be seen that the military industry plate is gradually replacing the leading position of the securities plate in the early stage.

Why does this happen? One reason, of course, is that the securities sector has risen a lot in the early stage and needs to sort out and digest the profit plate. Therefore, the securities business plate has not done much for the time being. Another reason is that the military sector has been oversold for a long time. With the bright expectation of a substantial increase in military orders in the 14th five year plan and the fund’s increase in military allocation and other factors, the military sector’s blowout has finally been triggered.

there is a certain correlation between the securities business plate and the insurance and banking sector, so the big financial sector tends to rise together, which has an obvious driving effect on the index. The big rise in the stock index in July is driven by the rise of the big financial sector. At present, it seems that the decision-making level does not want the stock index to soar sharply. Once the rise is too strong, there will be a cooling signal, so here we are Under this background, it is very difficult for the securities sector to rise at a large level. The market calls for new leading plate to drive market sentiment. At present, the market has chosen the military industry plate.

now the question is that the military industry plate has also risen a lot, will it continue to rise in the future, or will it switch hot spots like the securities business plate? I think it is no harm for a while. On the one hand, because of the long-term overfall of the military sector, even if the recent increase is huge, the current price is very close to the average price of long term transaction, and there is no obvious bubble. On the other hand, the market is still lack of popular varieties to replace the military plate. Perhaps the science and Technology Innovation Board will gradually replace the popularity of the military industry plate, but at least it can not be replaced.

of course, due to the large short-term rise of the military industry plate, it is inevitable that there will be intraday shock and individual stock differentiation. At least, it is not a very good buying point now. If there are varieties with a huge increase in the hand, they can reduce their holdings every time. If there is no big increase, they should continue to hold them patiently. Since the wind has blown to the military industry plate, as long as it is a military industry sector Stocks have the opportunity to make up and round up, there is no big reason to explore. Sometimes the market is irrational, following the trend and plate effect is often very effective, so be patient.

in addition to the military industry sector, some weak sectors have also begun to make up for the rise recently. The most typical ones are precious metals and nonferrous metals. When the market is in a correction, this plate turns red several times, which is very dazzling. The signal from this is that more and more people are optimistic about cyclical sectors in the market. In comparison, the attractiveness of medicine and liquor is declining. After all, it is estimated that The value is high. As for the future of technology stocks, the future prospects are still a little fuzzy, because whether the future sci tech Innovation Board will continue to rise will directly affect the expectations of technology stocks. Scientists have made ultra-high-speed terahertz wireless chips that deliver faster than 5g

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