America’s hegemony is ended again, Brazil suddenly supports Huawei. In a word, the United States is embarrassed!

As we all know, in May last year, the United States included Huawei in the so-called entity list. The United States used the entity list to hope to cut off the supply of American enterprises to Huawei and cause Huawei’s business interruption, so as to restrict Huawei’s development. However, Huawei had already prepared a spare tire for the core parts it needed, and it was as early as 10 It started years ago.

this result caught the United States off guard. Huawei was originally a double-edged sword. While suppressing Huawei, it also caused huge economic losses to American technology giants. However, as a result, Huawei was not affected by the crackdown. Its own chips can replace the products of American enterprises. In Ren Zhengfei’s words, the performance of the equipment is still improved after using its own chips Before that, Yu Chengdong also said that he was still using a small amount of American spare parts to take care of their business.

so by comparison, we can see whether the interruption of supply caused by the entity list has a great impact on Huawei or American enterprises, and the result is obvious.

since Huawei could not be hit at the supply side, the United States began to create trouble at the sales end. In other words, the United States wanted to keep Huawei’s equipment from being sold. In order to achieve this ulterior goal, the reason given by the United States is that Huawei’s equipment has security problems.
but? First, the United States has no evidence to prove that Huawei’s equipment has security problems; second, no organization, institution, country or individual in the world has found any security problems with Huawei’s equipment. So America’s security case doesn’t hold water.

therefore, the United States’ obstruction of Huawei at the sales end also failed for the first time. But later, the United States began to make clear threats. If other countries did not ban Huawei, it would be subject to sanctions from the United States from military, economic and other aspects.

not long ago, U.S. ambassador to Brazil Todd said in an interview with Brazilian reporters: if Brazil allows Huawei to participate in its 5g network construction, Brazil may face “consequences.”. He also pointed to possible “consequences”, such as the possibility that some companies would stop investing in Brazil as a result.

soon, Brazil’s vice president Moran publicly stated that no one can be banned. Not only that, Moran also highly praised Huawei: Huawei’s technology is far superior to its competitors. We don’t see the ability of American companies to beat international competitors. The international competitors here obviously refer to Huawei.

Moran’s words can make the United States feel embarrassed. The United States can’t compete with Huawei in technology, so it uses threats to suppress and punish Huawei. However, Brazil’s vice president has made it clear that Brazil is not worried about the threat and pressure from the United States, and will not prevent Huawei from participating in the 5g construction bidding of the country. Meanwhile, Brazil’s minister of science, technology, innovation and communication, Marcos, also said that the most important thing is that Brazil is not worried about the threat and pressure from the United States The final 5g qualification depends on the technical advantages of each company.

in the final analysis, it depends on whose technology is better and better. The barbaric acts threatening to suppress will not work in Brazil. In fact, Brazil is not an exception. For example, South Korean telecom operator LG U + has recently made it clear that it will not reject Huawei. Moreover, LG U + has tried its best to find that Huawei has no security problems.

in addition, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and other countries have also welcomed Huawei. As a result, the hegemony of the United States has been terminated once again. The hegemonic act of the United States is not a passport for the whole world.

as a matter of fact, most countries in the world will not refuse Huawei, especially now under the impact of the epidemic. The main reason is that the epidemic has made global economic growth regress. In fact, according to the world economic outlook report released by the International Monetary Fund, China will be the only country in the world to achieve positive economic growth Countries, even if their economies are strong, such as the United States, will shrink by 8%.

5g is known as the catalyst of economic development and the embodiment of national competitiveness. At the present time of global economic downturn due to the impact of the epidemic, 5g has become the best choice for all countries to achieve economic recovery. Naturally, it is necessary to ensure the selection of the most advanced 5g technology. Otherwise, there will be a digital gap between China and other countries, which will be detrimental to economic development.

recently, the market data of mobile base stations has been released. Although it has suffered from the extreme pressure of the United States, Huawei has surpassed Ericsson in market share and become the first in the world. This may be the best proof. What do you think of this?

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