American reaction, this time really a little abnormal!

The biggest news of yesterday’s circle of friends was undoubtedly that the United States had taken a black hand again. Trump signed an administrative order to prohibit any transaction with tiktok, wechat and its Chinese parent company after 45 days. < / P > < p > it’s really pressing. Now it’s not just tiktok, but also the national wechat application in China. As soon as the news came out, Tencent’s share price in Hong Kong once plummeted by nearly 10%. The problem of < / P > < p > is very serious and the situation is very serious. But after looking at the reaction of the Americans, this time it’s really abnormal. American netizens can’t help crying or laughing: the U.S. government, you really did a stupid thing this time. < / P > < p > after all, on wechat, we also see a lot of American enterprise advertisements. Don’t let advertisement on Tencent, what about CCTV? Wal Mart, Starbucks and so on, also have small programs, which have payment services, so they can’t be used in the future? < / P > < p > if the United States really has a long arm of jurisdiction, not only in the United States market, but also in China’s American enterprises, it will deduce a very absurd result: American enterprises want to make Chinese money, but also can’t advertise on Chinese platforms, and can’t use China mobile payment. What do you want American enterprises to do? < / P > < p > don’t forget that Tencent is still a game giant, with 100% equity of fist game, 48.4% equity of epic game and 12% equity of snapchat. < / P > < p > of course, Tencent’s business will be more or less affected. But according to the calculation, the proportion of American business in Tencent’s total revenue in 2019 may be less than 5%, and the impact is not so big. < / P > < p > see that many Americans are worried about Apple. Chinese people can’t have iPhones, but they can’t do without wechat. Don’t forget, iPhone 20% of sales are in China, 100% of production is in China, oh, and 30% Apple tax. Therefore, we can see that after the executive order is signed, the U.S. government has to make up for it. Anyway, the latest information released is: administrative orders are limited to wechat, and Tencent games will not be affected In other words, investors are calm, or they can see through it. This is just another game played by American politicians, a farce of extreme pressure. < p > < p > first of all, the byte skipping which has been low-key processing has to be announced in a high-profile way yesterday: I am very shocked by the administrative order. In response, “if the U.S. government does not give us fair treatment, we will resort to the United States Court.” < p > < p > the US side does not hesitate to damage the rights and interests of users and companies in the United States, puts its own private interests above market principles and international rules, and wantonly carries out political manipulation and political repression. In return, it can only get its own moral decline, national image damage and International Trust deficit, and eventually suffer its own consequences. < / P > < p > but has the United States lost nothing? Even if China restrains and restrains again and does not dance with the United States, the whole world will see how many enterprises dare to invest in the United States to develop? < / P > < p > if Apple had to enforce the ban and there was no alternative, Chinese consumers who had the money to buy iPhones were likely to turn to Huawei, a local high-end smartphone. In this way, the ultimate beneficiaries of the executive orders of the United States are the enterprises that the United States has been trying to exclude for many years. Russian players in the U.S. Open welcome and retreat: security is not guaranteed, going to the United States is uncomfortable

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