American poll: Americans’ trust in police has dropped to the lowest point in nearly 30 years

[Global Times comprehensive report] according to a Gallup poll released on Wednesday, Americans’ trust in police has dropped to its lowest level in nearly 30 years, according to USA today. < / P > < p > about 48% of the respondents said that their trust in the police was “very high” or “quite high”. In the previous year’s survey, the proportion of respondents who said that they had “very high” or “quite high” trust in the police reached 53%, while in the 2004 survey, the proportion of “very high” or “relatively high” in the police trust reached a record high of 64%. The Gallup poll began in 1993, the year after the massive ethnic riots in Los Angeles. This year’s Gallup poll, conducted just a few weeks after the black Floyd was strangled to death by police, revealed a huge divergence in race in the United States. Jeff Jones, Gallup’s senior editor, points out that there is a huge gap between white and black Americans’ trust in the police. In fact, the gap between white and black people’s trust in the police is increasing year by year, and this year is the largest gap in history. This year’s survey showed that 56% of white adults said they had “very high” or “quite high” trust in the police, while the proportion of black adults who held the same view was as low as 19%. The researchers point out that the growing gap in trust between white and black police began in 2018, when a black man was shot and a murderer was acquitted in Florida, which triggered a large-scale campaign. India’s Ministry of health has announced that the number of new cases has exceeded 2 million

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