American fast food restaurants offer triple onion burgers to keep customers at a social distance automatically

Overseas website, August 13 (Xinhua) recently, the US fast-food brand “Burger King” has launched a custom-made ordering mask to reduce the probability of spreading new coronavirus through droplets when ordering meals.

, according to novel coronavirus pneumonia, Fawkes announced that an activity was launched by Burger King to allow customers to order meals with a custom made masks. You can leave a message for the post posted by Burger King on the social platform. After that, the staff will print your order demand on the mask according to the message, so that customers can wear custom-made masks when they go to order, which can not only order smoothly, but also remind everyone to wear masks. < / P > < p > this activity is well received. Some netizens said that “the activity is refreshing and it is a marketing genius”; some netizens commented that “laughing at the epidemic situation” can remind people to wear masks in a relaxed way, which can not only prevent the spread of the epidemic, but also ease the tension. At present, custom masks are only available in Belgium, but Burger King says it may be extended to other countries and regions later. < / P > < p > in addition to custom-made ordering masks, Burger King also launched the “social isolation giant” burger, which has three times the normal number of onions, in this way to keep people at a social distance. Trump posted that “children are immune to the new crown” was deleted from Facebook and twitter

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