All series 120Hz Samsung flexible screen, iqoo 5 this time under the blood

On August 5, iqoo used three “120” to represent the hard core configuration of iqoo 5. The first one you guessed was the 120W fast charging, and the second one was the 120Hz screen. Sure enough, iqoo 5 was the first to confirm that the 120W fast charging, and then the 120Hz screen also surfaced.

on August 6, iqoo further confirmed the existence of 120Hz screen on the basis of popular science 120W fast charging, which made the previous netizens’ Conjecture into reality. It is no exaggeration to say that the iqoo 5 screen will be the highest overall quality screen used in the history of iqoo mobile phone brands. It seems that iqoo has been released with 144hz screens, but the LCD material and OLED material are not comparable. This is a little familiar with the industry and hardware common sense friends know.

information display iqoo 5 not only uses a 120 Hz refresh rate screen, but also is flexible, which indirectly proves that the hyperbolic screen on China joy has become a reality. In addition to the refresh rate of 120 Hz, the touch sampling rate of iqoo 5 is 240 Hz. And this screen is from Samsung display, from Samsung display, from Samsung display, say important things three times. What kind of experience does Samsung OLED screen with high refresh rate and high sampling rate bring? I believe we all understand it.

from a conventional point of view, high refresh rate + high sampling rate is only part of the screen quality. A top-level screen also involves other aspects. Iqoo 5 is also clear about this, so this screen has passed the hdr10 + certification and has 100% dci-p3. It has also passed the SGS global authoritative certification, reducing harmful blue light to less than 7.5%. Our eyes

combined with the previous information, the information confirmed by iqoo 5 now includes: high pass snapdragon 865 processor of chicken blood version, ram of lpddr5 standard, ROM of ufs3.1 standard, 120W ultra fast flash charging, 120Hz high refresh rate Samsung OLED flexible screen. The next thing the authorities should confirm should be the details, such as: camera module, whether there are stereo dual speakers, NFC, hifi chip, etc. Because the basic hardware is important, but it is the easiest to implement. If a model wants to be outstanding, the most important thing is to win on the details. Therefore, at the current speed, we don’t need to be crazy. Iqoo will tell you about it gradually.

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