All of a sudden! French President marcelon is in Lebanon

On August 6, French President Marco ó n arrived in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. In addition to visiting the scene of the big bang, he also called for “urgent reform” in the political circles of Lebanon.

according to AFP and other media reports, makron arrived in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, at noon local time on the 6th. President ORN of Lebanon was present to greet him. Marcon said he expressed support for the government and people of Lebanon on behalf of France. It is reported that makron will stay in Lebanon for one day, during which he will hold talks with Prime Minister diab, speaker Berri and other leaders.

before arriving in Lebanon, Mr. makron tweeted that “Lebanon is not alone.”. After the big explosion in Lebanon, makron canceled his original vacation trip and went to Lebanon.

on the afternoon of August 5, before the arrival of Marcon, the French military sent two planes to transport 55 search and rescue personnel and 25 tons of medical supplies to Lebanon.

during the visit, makron called on the political circles of Lebanon to carry out a “political reform” and shoulder the historical responsibility. He said that if the reform is not carried out, “Lebanon will continue to sink.”.

in addition, in the face of demonstrations in the city center on that day, Marcon said that France would provide disaster relief and rehabilitation assistance to Lebanon, but he also stressed that he would do his best to avoid French aid “falling into the hands of corruption”.

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