After World War II, the United States and Japan carried out a “devil trade”

After World War II, there was a devil trade between the United States and Japan. Under the condition of Exempting the members of the 731 army from the war responsibility, the United States obtained a large amount of data on human experiments and bacterial warfare carried out by Unit 731. All members of Unit 731 were exempt from prosecution. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Japan’s unconditional surrender, experts from Harbin academy of Social Sciences exclusively announced a number of new biological warfare discoveries of Japanese invading China to reference news. These new discoveries revealed the secret trade between the United States and Japan after World War II, and added new evidence for the United States to cover up the biological warfare crimes of 731 troops. After the end of World War II, Unit 731 has been unknown to the world like ghosts. However, the actual situation is that before the end of World War II, the US military had already detected that Japan had carried out bacterial warfare in Hunan, Zhejiang and other places in China. After Japan surrendered, U.S. bacteriological warfare expert Lieutenant Colonel Sanders came to Japan. In September and October of that year, he interviewed members of the Military Medical School of the Tokyo army, the headquarters of the Japanese staff, the medical bureau of the army Province, and important members of the 731 unit. However, the first leader of the 731 unit who had fled back to Japan was not found. On November 1, 1945, Sanders completed the investigation report of Japanese scientific and technological information, bacterial warfare. The report recorded the research scope, command system, responsibilities, personnel composition, organizational structure, overall scale and annual bacterial production capacity of Unit 731, and drew the bacterial bomb drawings produced by Unit 731. In recent years, the United States has decrypted about 100000 pages of Japanese war crimes files. Yang Yanjun, a researcher at Harbin academy of Social Sciences, visited the United States for many times to check the Japanese biological warfare archives declassified by the United States, and made a copy of the archives for translation, collation and research. The new evidence mainly includes the records of the interrogation of 731 members, the investigation report written by US investigators, the human experiment reports provided by 731 members, and the documents related to secret transactions between the United States and the 731 forces. The report Sanders completed is just one of them. On November 10, 1945, Shiro Ishii, who fled back to his hometown, held a disguised funeral with the help of the village head, and then began to lurk. However, the intelligence of “feigning death” was quickly detected by the US intelligence department and tracked him. From November 1945 to December 1947, the United States interrogated at least 25 731 troops and formed four reports: Sanders report, Thompson report, fair report and hill report. Yang Yanjun said that all the people who went to investigate Japanese human experiments and biological warfare came from the U.S. detrik base, which is today’s Fort Dietrich chemical weapons base in Maryland. In his report, Thompson said: “the Japanese conceal their bacteriological weapons activities and try to minimize their activities, especially their efforts to develop offensive weapons.” Thompson learned in many inquiries that all the documents of the 731 army had not been completely destroyed, and there was secret collusion among the members. The United States has obtained more valuable data and intelligence in the follow-up investigation. On June 20, 1947, Phil completed the “summary of the latest information on Japan’s bacterial warfare activities”. This report covers the report on bacterial warfare activities written by 19 people and the paper on the whole bacterial warfare project written by Ishiguro. In addition, he received 8000 case slices submitted by 731 army, as well as human experimental data reports such as anthrax, plague and typhoid fever. The hill report supplemented the reports of Sanders, Thompson and Phil, and further confirmed the accuracy and completeness of the reports submitted by Unit 731. < / P > < p > in addition to these four reports, there are also a large number of human experimental reports. The first copy of the Japanese army’s human body experiment report is on display in Lianhua. These reports provide detailed information on human experiments, including anatomical data, color anatomical maps, organ infection pathway and infection degree. In the archives of the science and Technology Department of the library of Congress, there are three reports with a total of 1522 pages. The three human experimental reports are anthrax a report, anthrax g report and Yersinia pestis Q report. Yang Yanjun said that the three human experiment reports are part of the core data of secret trade between the 731 army and the US military, and are direct evidence to prove the bacterial infection of 731 troops in human experiments. In February 1946, when Thompson interrogated him, the Tokyo trial was about to begin, and it was possible for him to step onto the dock. Whether or not to cooperate with the U.S. military and how to deal with it is related to the fate of Ishiguro and the 731 army members. Through many inquiries, Thompson got more and more important information than when he first interrogated Ishiguro. Yang Yanjun said that the process of Ishii’s confession has experienced a process from avoidance to cooperation, from one-sided to comprehensive. There are such great changes in a short period of time. In addition to the pressure exerted by the U.S. military, Ishii must have got some implicit indication that “investigation will not be used as evidence of war crimes”. In fact, Yang Yanjun’s conjecture has been proved from the obtained files. Among the files Yang Yanjun copied from the United States, there are some documents related to secret transactions between the United States and the 731 troops, including the records of telegrams and letters between the US military forces stationed in Japan, the US Department of defense and the headquarters of the joint staff. Yang Yanjun made a comprehensive analysis and textual research on these messages. On May 6, 1947, the U.S. Far East command sent a military secret message (No. 52423) to the U.S. Department of defense. The message is divided into five parts. The second item of the third part is as follows: “3-b. other information, including reports obtained from Ishiguro, can be obtained by informing relevant Japanese of the following information, that is, relevant information will be obtained through intelligence channels It will not be used as evidence of war crimes. ” On March 13, 1948, the Joint Chiefs of staff of the United States responded to the request in cable 52423: “the reports provided by technical experts returning from the theater under your jurisdiction indicate that all the necessary information and scientific data you have requested have been obtained so far. It is recommended to re submit part 3-B and Part V for further consideration when you need to. ” “This is the content of technical expression, which is equivalent to obtaining all experimental data of Unit 731 under the condition of exempting all members of sihiro Ishii and the 731 army,” Yang said. Since then, members of the 731 army, including Ishiguro Ishii, have been at large. The above-mentioned message can be used as one of the final documents for determining the secret transaction between the United States and Ishiguro. ” Kenneth Porter, an American scholar, wrote in his monograph “deciphering the history of bacteriological warfare in Japan: the story of general Ishiguro Ishii”, the US government, represented by the commander of the supreme command of the Allied forces in Japan, conspired to cover up the crime of Ishiguro and try to protect him, although the United States received accurate reports on the behavior of the survivors, and He has been interrogated for a long time, and he is very clear about what he has done. However, the U.S. government has kept all this secret in exchange for research materials on the deployment and use of biological weapons. According to the report of “the American government’s bacteriological war”, Harlem hill has been engaged in the study of bacteria in the US government for a long time. This is the work of Japanese scientists who spent millions of dollars and years The way to get this kind of information through human experiments will be condemned by conscience. Our laboratory can’t do it. A total of 250000 yen was spent to obtain these data. Compared with the actual research cost, it only costs such a low price to obtain valuable information. ” < / P > < p > “this description is a written document that the United States sheltered 731 troops from the Tokyo trial. Judging from the process and final results of the incident, the United States has indeed achieved the purpose of independently occupying the intelligence data of biological warfare and human experiments of Unit 731.” Yang Yanjun said that after obtaining these data, the United States made use of them to carry out biological weapons research. After the war, Fort Dietrich developed rapidly and even now became the only P4 Biological Laboratory of the U.S. military, and Unit 731 “made great contributions.”. After consulting the U.S. military archives, Porter wrote that the heinous crime of using human bodies in the 731 army could only be imagined by Dr. mengeler, a German Nazi military doctor, and mengler had never imagined that Ishiguro could complete biological warfare and escape trial. According to Yang Yanjun, the United States led the Tokyo Trial and Nuremberg trial after World War II, and followed a consistent “double standard” around the “medical crime” cases, which seriously tarnished the fairness and authority of the Tokyo Trial and trampled on the supreme dignity of the law. In the Tokyo trial, no one of the 731 army members became defendants under the protection of the United States; in the Nuremberg trial, 23 Nazi German doctors were accused of “crimes against humanity” for carrying out “human experiments”. Among them, 7 Nazi doctors were sentenced to death, and 9 Nazis were sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment to life imprisonment. In his book the factory of death, Sheldon h. Harris wrote: “in fact, the attitude of the US State Department is that as long as there is no written record of trouble for the United States, it can continue to trade with Ishiguro and others.” The U.S. military is also trying to cover up the deal. There is a file called “Ishii Hiro dossier” in the US National Archives II in Maryland, which clearly states that “the information in this file shall not be used without the permission of the office of the deputy chief of staff in charge of intelligence of the Department of the army.” < / P > < p > “at the heart of the problem is that Unit 731 did not use American prisoners of war for experiments, so the exchange became unscrupulous.” Yang Yanjun said that in May 1945, the US Army B29 bombers attacked jiuliumi city in Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan and was shot down by the Japanese army. Eight of the 11 crew members were transferred to the medical department of Kyushu Imperial University for vivisection. In 1948, Yokohama court sentenced those who participated in the “vivisection” and were sentenced to three hanges, two life imprisonment and nine fixed-term imprisonment. Jin Chengmin presided over the National Social Science Fund Anti Japanese War research special project, collation of historical data and construction of special database of bacteriological warfare crimes committed by Japanese invaders in China, and has been committed to digging out the historical truth. He said that after the war, members of the 731 army seized important positions in the Japanese medical community by virtue of research results such as human living body experiments, and concealed all their “medical atrocities”, causing far-reaching social impact and immeasurable postwar harm. However, the United States carried out dirty trade with the 731 troops, ignoring the human experiments and biological warfare of the 731 forces, which violated the ethical and civilized norms, and covered up the criminal facts and war responsibilities of Japan’s biological warfare, which was equivalent to conspiracy afterwards. < / P > < p > “I and all mankind sincerely hope that from this solemn occasion, a better world will be born out of the blood and slaughter of the past.” 75 years ago, the Missouri in Tokyo Bay was right

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