After the abolition of Alipay was attacked, Wang Xing suddenly spoke and questioned HUAWEI’s strength.

The reply of the US group monthly payment indirectly confirmed the disappearance of the Alipay payment window on the US mission, not because of technical problems, but by the US delegation deliberately.

interesting is that after the abolition of Alipay payment function, the US group did not get substantive benefits, but it was also rejected by consumers, which eventually led to the US group being starved.

in the Apple App store food and drink app list, we can find that the hungry anti super beauty group has become the number one download app.

is reported that after the cancellation of Alipay payment caused a negative attack, the US group has quietly resumed the Alipay payment window, but it needs users to initiate contact with customer service, and the initial payment interface still has no Alipay option.

is worth mentioning that after the cancellation of the Alipay payment channel by the US mission, Wang Xing, the founder of the US regiment, abruptly delivered a controversial speech.

according to domestic media reports, Wang Xing recently made a sudden speech at the dinner table, saying: real high-tech products are not afraid that a country will not open its market to you, but that a country is afraid that you will not sell them. A typical example is Intel chips.

“questioning Huawei’s strength? After Wang Xing suddenly made a speech, a netizen dissatisfied reply way. Netizens think: Huawei now belongs to the type of market blocked by the United States, and Wang Xing’s words are not questioning Huawei’s strength? [is Huawei’s comment no good? Some media think that this is true! Because now the United States is indeed closing its market to Huawei and even calling on other countries to ban Huawei. From this point of view, Wang Xing’s remarks are suspected of doubting Huawei’s strength.

what is the concept? Let’s say that, the two companies with the largest number of 5g patents in the United States have 2163 necessary 5g standard patents owned by Qualcomm and Intel. In this case, Huawei has more 5g patents than the two most powerful technology companies in the United States combined.

in addition, in terms of the quality of 5g communication equipment, a number of third-party organizations have tested the 5g communication equipment of Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia. The results show that the connection speed and stability of Huawei’s 5g equipment are higher than those of old brand communication enterprises such as Nokia and Ericsson.

even so, Huawei, which has the largest number of patents and the best equipment performance, is still rejected by countries such as the United States. What does this mean? According to Wang Xing, does this mean that Huawei’s 5g is not really a high-tech product?

all these are based on the premise of fair and free market. If the market itself is not fair and some high-tech products are maliciously suppressed or even discriminated against, will there be a market for these excellent high-tech products?

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