After pregnancy, the three vegetables to be mother had better eat less, it is easy to cause uterine contraction, do not be willful

Mothers to be should pay more attention to their diet during pregnancy, especially the foods they often eat in their daily life, because these foods are likely to have a certain impact on the growth and development of their children, especially some vegetables. Although vegetables are the necessities of every family, there are some substances contained in some vegetables, which can easily lead to contractions of mothers, which can lead to certain physical problems. Although vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, they should be carefully selected. Mothers should try not to eat these three vegetables during pregnancy It’s easy to cause contractions. Don’t be capricious.

as for coriander, I think you can’t be more familiar with it. But when it comes to coriander, some people want to scald a full plate in the hot pot, but some people will say as soon as they smell it: “this is not coriander, it’s stinky.” This coriander, pregnant mothers should eat less, because in all the ingredients of coriander, there is something easy to cause uterine contraction. Generally, a small amount of coriander will not bring too much problem, but once eaten too much, it will pose a certain threat to the baby’s life and health.

it is a kind of food that we often see in our daily life, and it tastes very delicious. Making steamed stuffed bun and dumpling is a very good choice. And the leek contains fiber and vitamins are very much, appropriate to eat some words also more conducive to our gastrointestinal peristalsis, and can effectively alleviate constipation, for pregnant women to eat some words can effectively enhance digestive function, but also pay attention to, after all, leek belongs to hot food, in daily life, if pregnant women often eat Then, it is easy to lead to the company’s situation, and even abortion, so in order to keep our life and health, we should try not to eat.

amaranth is often found in the South and is rich in nutrition. However, it is recommended not to eat amaranth for pregnant mothers. If the dosage is not controlled properly, it will cause slippery fetus, and may lead to premature birth and miscarriage. For the sake of the baby, pregnant mothers should not eat it.

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