After four years, what’s the methodology of MIHA you’s Feminism?

The women of MIHA have released the mobile game “undecided events book”, which is their first official open beta game since Collapse 3 was launched in 2016.

before it was launched, the popularity of this game was not low. On the official website of MIHA, more than 1 million players have made appointments, and more than 700000 people have made reservations in station B. taking into account the 560000 followers on taptap, the number of appointments on the whole platform has exceeded 3.3 million before the opening of the public beta. On this basis, the “undetermined event book” is the second free app store list.

besides the achievements, there is another reason why this product deserves attention. Women in the market, there are many large and medium-sized teams into the board, even Tencent Netease such giants are staring at this track, the industry even has a lot of capital is also ready to move, everyone is digging their brains to think: who is the next crab eater?

what’s more, MIHA you’re not as irresponsible as the players are joking about. The second dimension is a category that is difficult to define precisely, so is the female orientation, because these two fields are more emotional and have a lot of subdivision category colors.

can we come up with some methodology that can be reused in women’s category? For women to this blue ocean market, this may be more worthy of discussion.

during the third test of “undecided event book”, grape Jun has reported in detail the production details of this game. At present, it is not different from the public beta version.

generally speaking, this product tells the story between the player who plays the role of a new lawyer and the protagonists when they are involved in various cases, and thus leads to the elements of love from the perspective of women.

as mentioned in the last article, based on this novel theme, the play method and content presentation of the book of undetermined events show a lot of different characteristics: one is the playing method, which can be summarized as a set of process of “asking the person involved in the case → collecting evidence → conjecture reasoning → correcting contradictions”. The setting of reasoning and solving cases also brings about such things as investigation Collection of material evidence and other scenes of interactive play.

the second is character building. In the game, not only the stories between several protagonists and players are depicted, but also the personality characteristics of each NPC and their experiences are highlighted according to the progress of the story. For example, out of compassion for others to take the blame for the elderly, out of good will to connive at the real prisoners of the nanny.

and through these settings, I can see that MIHA you is trying to create differentiation in a more three-dimensional way with the idea of “technology leading” that they are good at. The most obvious use of this method is the dynamic CG / sketch and scene interaction.

the most important characters in the game are a few male owners. MIHA you also spent the visible cost of packaging each role in the production. In addition to the traditional main line full voice, deep nested plot, independent liking system and supporting playing methods, the dynamic drawing of characters is also very careful about details.

at the beginning of the game, we can see Zuo ran, one of the protagonists, sitting on his seat due to working overtime all night. Although it’s a sit down, the game uses a lot of dynamic details, such as a half opened tie and neckline, a chest undulating with breath, and the sunshine in the morning So that the scene presents a particularly strong sense of the picture.

similar depiction techniques not only appear in the key scenes of the plot, but also in a large number of dynamic scenes in the role cards of each character. In the game, Sr and above character cards are equipped with three sets of dynamic card surfaces with different details, and the third set is completely different pictures.

similarly, the same dynamic rendering techniques are used in the visiting and base systems. This means that the production specification of the “undetermined event book” has been raised to a whole level.

in addition, in the process of collecting evidence and examining case related material evidence, the book of undetermined events also adopts some technical means to improve its expressiveness. If you look closely, you can find that the scene of collecting evidence is built in 3D environment, which provides a lot of interactive details, such as the part of narrowing the details of objects.

some key material evidence is also presented in 3D form in the game, which is related to different parts of the object, such as fingerprints, chemical residues and other details related to the depth of the case. When players find these objects, they can play and observe at will.

therefore, although the overall performance of the undetermined event book is mainly 2D, it can better show the various settings and details of the game by adding these 3D processing effects.

I think in these aspects, MIHA tourism naturally makes full use of its previous accumulation in technology, and also follows the idea of leading the market with technology. What is slightly different is that, in addition to the dynamic rendering of role expression, other technical means are more likely to assist in the presentation of the core world outlook, making it more natural and reasonable.

of course, judging from the results, the application of these technologies highlights the differences in product themes and strengthens the players’ perception of game details. How the players can feel the characteristics of the products and how deep they feel are undoubtedly the key points closely related to the results of word-of-mouth. From this point of view, the book of undetermined events has a good grasp of these two points.

for example, the UI of the game is very simple. In addition to the red chart used in the special section of the mobile phone, all other buttons follow the design logic of simple color matching and simple style. The overall screen emphasizes the role of the middle. The same simple sense of design runs through the UI of every other menu.

if we trace back to the source, this kind of design idea is actually very close to the popular strategy in the circle of two dimensions in recent years: anti traditional complex system, emphasizing personalization, design sense and humanization in use experience. In fact, there are a lot of design ideas that can be used for reference in the field of second dimension. Such as combat play, nurturance strategy, and surrounding systems.

the combat play of the book of undecided events is very simple. In the scene of question and answer and debate, combined with the attribute restraint of the card lineup, players have to consider the match of the lineup in advance to deal with enemies with different attributes.

similarly, the development of cards has been simplified a lot. On the one hand, the card rarity has only three levels: R, Sr and SSR, and the focus is completely on the role card with dynamic card surface. On the other hand, the order of card cultivation is also very clear. Different hero, attribute and rarity need different types of materials, and the materials are mainly obtained from daily copy.

in the game, you can even see the infrastructure system and expeditionary system that are very common in the field of quadratic dimension. However, the infrastructure of the undecided event book is simpler and more direct. With the output of resource analysis, it directly improves the panel attributes of the workshop, and integrates a part of the skill branch tree for players to choose periodically.

it’s not hard to imagine the reasons why Mi ha you chose to do this. On the one hand, it is not a friendly way to force female users to learn by playing with high difficulty and complexity. On the other hand, compared with the traditional categories, many systems of the game in the secondary domain have improved, which will bring more comfortable experience to players, whether for male or female players It is easier to perceive and accept.

in my opinion, the iteration strategy of this system in the future is also very clear. Through activities and new cards, players can constantly expand the content they can pursue, forming a cycle of content consumption. After thinking clearly, the production team can also allocate more energy to the production of new content and ensure the production capacity of high-quality content such as dynamic card surface.

this also leads to a question worth thinking about, what kind of playing method is suitable for female players. If we simply refer to the past successful products that can be labeled as games by women, the definition of this kind of play will be very difficult to determine. It may be changing clothes, placing, or even classic simulation operation.

but in practice, the more realistic question is whether other mainstream categories and playing methods are suitable for female users? For example, typical card development. If it can be accepted by new user groups, it is obviously worth trying.

if the book of undetermined events is disassembled and carefully studied, it looks like a try for MIHA. It chooses the way that MIHA you is good at and tries to give its own understanding and answers to the theme of women.

this choice is very reasonable. After all, this is the first female oriented game of MIHA, and it is not the same concept as the first product when they started their business. At that time, they clearly knew what kind of quadratic game they needed, but now they are challenging a new direction with great degree of uncertainty and uncertainty.

even if we look at the whole game industry, we don’t have a clear position on what kind of products women should make. There are elements of love, there are many male characters, there are very beautiful painting style, it is even a female to it? If you take a look at the games once popular in the circle of female players, I’m afraid the answer is really not certain. As for the female gamers, 888 has not been playing a new game with me recently. For them, fun seems to be more important.

but at the same time, she also stressed that the elements of love are always more targeted. Girls are also beauties, and sometimes they can’t resist enough attractive roles. This charm is what we often call Aesthetic identity.

This reminds me of many famous variety shows and film and television programs recently. Many works emphasize the rising trend of women’s self-consciousness. Perhaps games, as a part of entertainment content, also need to have the same bearing capacity to keep up with the changes of domestic female groups.

from this point of view, I am more fond of the heroine’s setting in the book of undecided events. In the whole plot, she is not so-called silly white sweet. She has no small initiative, can promote the progress of the event, and has the ability to solve many problems. At this time, the fetters and friendship between the female and male owners will have a stronger sense of ceremony. After experiencing the events together and solving the problems, the trust and dependence between the two sides will become stronger after the female owners become the real help of the male masters.

so to some extent, it also coincides with the trend of women’s more self-reliance, which may also enhance female players’ sense of substitution in this game.

of course, a player can’t represent all female users, but it doesn’t prevent us from summing up a key point: female players are also part of the overall players. For the overall players, high-quality content and proper playing methods are always the things we will pursue.

so there are

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