After a woman is pregnant, 4 things to eat more, the baby may be more beautiful after birth, comparable to a doll

Milk: milk is the most common nutritional drink in our life. Pregnant mothers can drink more milk at ordinary times, which can supplement the calcium in the body and help the bone growth of the developing fetus. If you want the baby to grow tall after birth, you can’t have less milk during pregnancy.

black sesame: black sesame has high nutritional value, and has the effects of delaying aging, moistening the five internal organs, strengthening muscles and bones, tonifying qi and black hair, and beautifying and beautifying. And black sesame in vitamin E is very rich, can promote cell division, improve the body weakness, promote hair growth has a good role.

grapes: grapes are rich in vitamins and proteins, and there is also a very good substance in grapes for eyes, called cyanidin, which can not only prevent myopia, but also protect eyes. At the same time, it can promote the development of fetal brain.

lean meat: pregnant mothers who eat more lean meat during pregnancy are also conducive to the growth of their children’s eyes. Relatively speaking, the nutritional value of lean meat is relatively high, and most pregnant mothers have no aversion to lean meat, which will not lead to pregnancy vomiting and other reactions, so pregnant mothers can eat more lean meat.

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