About 4000 hectares of fire broke out in Los Angeles County in the western United States, with no casualties

According to Lianhe Zaobao on August 13, 10000 acres of fire broke out in the lake Hughes area of the Angelis National Forest in Los Angeles County in the western United States on Wednesday night, but no one was reported injured or buildings were damaged. < p > < p > the Los Angeles County Fire Department received a fire report in the afternoon. The fire spread to 100 acres in the first two minutes and reached 10000 acres by 9 pm without any containment measures, a fire department spokesman said at a news conference. According to the video released by the police, thick smog enveloped the northern part of Los Angeles. “It’s a big fire and we’ll be here all night,” the spokesman said The fire department said there were more than 100 buildings in the evacuation area, but there was no major evidence that they were lost or damaged. The chief secretary and five chief secretaries resigned to take responsibility for the poor administration

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