A showdown? Turkey issued death threat to Russian army and 20 Russian fighter planes took off warning

Relations between countries in the world are changing faster than opening a book. Taking the relationship between Russia and Turkey as an example, Turkey and Russia entered a “honeymoon period” after the conclusion of the cease-fire agreement on the situation in Syria. However, in less than a month, the soldiers of Russia and Turkey began to fight each other, and now they have a showdown.

on July 29, the Russian patrol in indibu province was openly obstructed by the Turkish army. Turkish security authorities say Russian troops patrolling the region will be at risk because they are unable to protect designated locations in the province. The remarks made by the Turkish security sector have a great significance for the Russian army to issue a death threat.

the purpose of the Turkish military’s move is to prevent the advance of the Russian Syrian coalition forces. It seems that the alliance between Russia and Turkey is very fragile, and it may only be in a state of “superficial harmony”. This time, the Russian military did not intend to encourage the arrogance of the Turkish military. As soon as the Russian military patrol was threatened with death, it immediately launched 20 warplanes and attacked the Turkish army threatening the Russian patrol. At that time, at least 20 aircraft of various types circled over the southern part of Dibu Province.

the strong move of the Russian military is undoubtedly a warning to the Turkish military. In fact, the contradiction between Russia and Turkey has existed for a long time. The Turkish military frequently encouraged the rebel forces under its control to attack the Russian Syrian united army, while the Russian military chose to suppress Turkey in momentum, accompanied by a certain degree of military action. The Russian military is not afraid of Turkey’s provocation, because the Russian military has strong military strength as support. The 20 Russian fighters flying over the head of the Turkish military this time are powerful weapons for Russia to counterattack Turkey.

in fact, it is not only the situation in Syria, but also the deep contradictions between Russia and Turkey in the situation in Libya, and there are obvious military conflicts between the two sides. The military conflict requires the use of weapons and equipment as support. The Russian military has deployed the pansil-c1 missile system off the coast of Libya, and Turkey also has military deployment in Libya. So far, nine groups of Turkish troops have entered Libya, each of which is escorted by 10 armored vehicles. In addition, 16500 mercenaries have been sent to Libya.

although the Turkish military has made full preparations in Libya, the deployment of Turkey in Libya has been severely damaged by the Russian military. With the support of the Russian military, the government of national unity suffered heavy losses. Three large camps of Turkish mercenaries were destroyed and a large number of military facilities were destroyed. Because Russia has the strength to inflict heavy damage on Turkey, even if Russia does break up with Turkey, then Russia will not worry. However, no country is willing to be involved in the war. Therefore, Russia will continue to be a “superficial friend” with Turkey.

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