A sheriff forbids officers to wear masks to work in Florida

Russian satellite news agency quoted USA today on August 13 that Billy woods, the Sheriff of Marion County, Florida, sent an email to his police officers on the 11th, asking them not to wear masks while on duty, saying that the effectiveness of wearing masks to control the spread of the new coronavirus has not reached a scientific consensus. Municipal workers in okara, Marion County, were also required to comply with the same ban because wearing masks at work would interfere with communication with the public. However, the City Council last week issued an order requiring all customers to wear personal protective equipment in business places.

reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were reported in Florida on 12, 8109 cases, 212 new deaths, 550901 cases of cumulative confirmed cases, 8765 deaths, of which 6784 were confirmed from Marion County, and the state data showed 104 deaths. Russian players in the U.S. Open welcome and retreat: security is not guaranteed, going to the United States is uncomfortable

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