A policeman has been killed in a demonstration in the capital of Lebanon

[global network report] AFP reported on the 9th that a large-scale demonstration took place in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, on Saturday. Violent clashes between the protestors and the police resulted in the death of one policeman and the injury of 238 people. According to reports, several protestors, led by several retired military officers from Lebanon, stormed the country’s foreign ministry in central Beirut on the same day and declared it the “revolutionary headquarters”. The “takeover” was broadcast live on local television when security forces focused on demonstrations against government politicians hundreds of meters away from the country’s foreign ministry, the report said. In a televised speech on Saturday, Prime Minister Hassan diab of Lebanon said he would propose early parliamentary elections to break the deadlock that has brought the country into a political and economic crisis. “We can’t get out of this country’s structural crisis without holding parliamentary elections ahead of time,” diab said He added that an early opinion poll of the cabinet would be proposed on Monday. According to Agence France Presse earlier reported, on the 8th local time, thousands of protestors gathered in the center of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, to express their anger and dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of the big explosion on the 4th, shouting “the people want to overthrow the regime”, saying that “the explosion that destroyed the whole city and shocked the world is the direct consequence of Lebanon and corruption”. They threw stones and sticks at police, who used tear gas to disperse. According to British Sky News, the military has joined the police force to provide support. According to the Ministry of health in Lebanon, 158 people have been killed, at least 6000 have been injured and 21 are missing in the big bang on August 4. The chief secretary and five chief secretaries resigned to take responsibility for the poor administration

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