A novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 224 people in a prison in Bihar, India.

novel coronavirus pneumonia occurred in a prison in the northeast of the state of Bihar, India, 14, the government said. On the 12th, 182 people were found to be infected with the disease. On the 14th, an increase of 42 people was found. At present, 224 people were infected. According to the prison, the prison is designed to accommodate up to 600 prisoners and now holds 706 prisoners.

prison is crowded novel coronavirus pneumonia increases the risk of prison in the epidemic. Local magistrates said they were preparing to move some of the prisoners to two nearby prisons. Since the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic spread novel coronavirus pneumonia has occurred in many places in India. The main reason is that it has a lot to do with prison overimprisoned prisoners, poor prison basic protection conditions and inaccurate detection of prisoners. What’s the truth behind the loss making underwear store’s use of altruistic thinking to build a community and make more than 200000 yuan a month

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