A 6-year-old British girl nearly suffocated after eating the export mask in the chicken nuggets of McDonald’s

A 6-year-old girl in Hampshire, UK, nearly choked after eating a McDonald’s chicken nugget on Tuesday, BBC reported.

it was reported that the girl’s mother went to the local McDonald’s restaurant to buy a happy meal for children, including chicken nuggets. After the set meal was taken home, the child choked when eating chicken nuggets. The mother quickly rescued the child and pulled out the food from the child’s mouth with her fingers. It was found that there were blue items obviously like masks in it. “This is the mask. It’s completely baked in. It’s like a piece of gum. It’s disgusting.” The mother said that she and her daughter would never eat McDonald’s again in their lives, and reminded other parents to pay attention to it.

McDonald’s apologized to the mother, saying it had taken measures to ensure that the same batch of products were removed from the restaurant. At present, McDonald’s is conducting a comprehensive investigation on the supplier involved.

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