64 hexagrams in the book of changes

Nowadays, great changes have taken place in people’s lives. While the living standards have been greatly improved, the problems are becoming more and more serious: individualism is prevailing, hedonism is rampant, money worship is popular, heresy and nonsense are rampant. Many people are shrouded in the shadow of depression, hesitation and disappointment, and the three outlooks are in a state of no control. No matter what you do in your life, you have to go through the six stages of “more difficulties, more praise, more cruelty, more fear, more achievements and more mistakes”. In our life, we are faced with various situations every day, such as impetuous, ignorant, failure, poverty, struggle, loneliness, traffic jam, sickness and complacency… “Heaven is healthy, and a gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement.” When Zhu Yuanzhang was Zhu Chongba, when Sun Wukong was Bi Mawen, even if you were a dragon, you could only choose to lurk. Waiting is not only a kind of training, but also a kind of test. Ability is often improved in the process of waiting. Opportunities often appear in the grinding of waiting. Everything that seems impossible is mature in waiting. The world is full of disputes and lawsuits. The beginning of the world stems from the struggle for interests. Modern society mainly comes from the ideas, concepts, habits, good and evil, economy and interests. In the face of villains, you can reward them highly but not reuse them; in the face of enemies, first, do not act seriously; second, do not put people to death; third, we should avoid the enemy jumping over the wall in a hurry. Only when people and things are qualified can we talk about “living in the world” — the higher the life goes, the more we should have the awe of “too high to be cold”, and the more we should always reflect on ourselves. If other people don’t understand you, it must be that communication is not in place. Other people are not you and don’t know what you really think. How can you understand without communication?

13 understand the hexagram of the same person and get through the interpersonal relationship. With people, harmony and one heart. Being gregarious is not being in the same boat, but getting along with others actively. The villains are the same but not the same; the gentleman is harmonious but different. High and low, self-esteem, go their own way, will eventually be lonely. If you are not gregarious, even if you are right, it will not work. To get along with others, we should focus on understanding, respect, cooperation and win-win results. We should break the door-to-door view, take the initiative to resolve misunderstandings, and help each other in the same boat. Reading Dayou hexagram makes a great career. Have a lot, hold all, great cause. If you want to do something big, you should challenge yourself, be bright and vigorous in your heart, and don’t get carried away when you have made some achievements, let alone show your pride, or something will happen. There is a reward, which can be respectfully accepted, and cannot be contested. Wisdom in the chest, courtesy, self-restraint, mind the world, grace and prestige, not biased or excited, will certainly achieve great achievements. Read Qian Gua and become a gentleman. There are 6 hexagrams in each of the 64 hexagrams in the book of changes. Only the six hexagrams of Qian hexagram are auspicious. Why? People, as long as they are modest, modest and humble, how can they be dangerous?! “A modest gentleman is humble in order to feed himself; a humble gentleman is a great river for his benefit.” Be humble to the lower level, to the same level, and to the superior. Modesty is the highest standard of virtue. As long as a person is wise and virtuous, rich and benevolent, modest and polite, he will be safe, auspicious and happy all his life. Reading Yu Gua makes you happy every day. Yu means joy, happiness, leisure and comfort. Life must be happy, but happiness should be reasonable and abstemious. Only in this way can we not create trouble for ourselves and lead to the result of extreme joy and sorrow. We should remember three points: first, to be happy with nature, that is, to conform to natural human nature; second, to enjoy with others, not to be alone; third, to know true happiness and to be happy appropriately. In order to obtain long-term happiness, we should be prepared for danger in times of safety, and be happy appropriately, reasonably and timely. Read and understand the following hexagram, no longer stubborn. Follow, follow, obey, not stubborn. The root cause of obstinacy is that they refuse to be easy-going and with others. From this attitude, you may be right, but your heart is closed. If you want not to be stubborn, you should learn to respond to others, but also to see and adapt to the situation. The best state is: there are principles but flexible, good choice stubborn and not in the same boat. Read Gu Gua and overcome adversity. The poisonous insects that cannibalize each other and win are called Gu. Something is going to happen to Zhan’s hexagram, but the book of changes thinks that it is successful. Why? Overcome adversity, face difficulties, solve problems, you will eventually succeed, you will also get experience and growth. Trouble is a process, not a result. Of course, in order to solve problems, we should first prevent them before they happen, then we should wait for their changes, and finally we should face the difficulties. Only by facing difficulties and solving troubles can people become stronger. 19. Be responsible for reading the temporary hexagram. Face, face. “Something can be big”, things will be small and big, so when it is small, you should pay attention to it when it is small, and the process of making it grow up is to go in a good direction. How do you do it? How do you do it? When you are faced with the work, the environment and all the pressure, you should take care of the things. Therefore, Chinese people often say: fear in the face of events. Fear is not fear, but reverence. It is respectful, not evasive, not hasty, very conscientious and responsible to do it well. Otherwise, “as for August, there will be evil.”. Read and understand the guangua and judge people appropriately. Watch, observe. We come into the world, has been observing and evaluating others, has been observed and evaluated by others. How to observe and evaluate? Self criticism is self depreciating; low key can be high-profile, and ego is self damaging. Observe its life: do not sit on the well and watch the sky, do not watch people through the door. View Freedom: self-interest and self-interest, not spiteful, not two tongues, not false language, not beautiful language. So there’s no mistake. When you understand the hexagram, you will not be blocked in your heart. Eating and chewing means removing obstacles. City scenery, thousands of people living in small houses, ten thousand people in traffic jam, traffic obstruction. Interpersonal communication, inevitable estrangement, unable to communicate, heart obstruction. City without a car, heart without a thing, how to block? To solve the obstruction: one is to bite and chew things without delay; the other is to swallow carefully and digest actively; and the third is to live a low-carbon life with little desire. Reduce congestion, green travel; misunderstanding, sincere communication. The heart is pure, everything is clean, and the heart knows everything. Read the hexagram and pack yourself. Ben, it’s well decorated. To find a job, you should have a resume; to go on stage, you should make up; to attend a meeting, you should dress up; to join the party, you should take an oath. Life is always showing, packaging and dignifying yourself. Wear, decoration or company image, can be packaged, not disguised. There is no need to oppose wearing famous brands, driving luxury cars and living in luxury houses, as long as it is not vanity but need. Light make-up is divided into three parts: light make-up and heavy make-up. To encourage light make-up. Read the divinatory symbols to delay the decline. Peeling, peeling, symbolizing decay. In late autumn of September, Yin flourishes and Yang fades; when people reach 50, the essence declines and the Qi weakens; mountains rise and the earth sink. Since the decline is irresistible, we should face it. If we are retrograde, we will be vicious; if we are in a favorable situation, we will be lucky. Living a regular life, doing good and accumulating virtue, according to the order of heaven, can live a long and healthy life, and delay decay. The decline can be transferred by taking precautions against the rainy day, breaking down the big, controlling the chaos and reestablishing the standard. Therefore, decline can be delayed or transferred. Read Fu Gua and reform. Reply, repetition. Fu Gua explains the principle of recovery: we must root out the past mistakes and return to the good way. The law of recovery — we should start with small mistakes. Before the faults are serious, we should reflect and improve them in time. Otherwise, we can’t go back. If you are willing to correct your mistakes, if you know them, you will change them. If you return to the good way, you will be lucky. If you make mistakes frequently, if you don’t correct them, you will end up in a dangerous way.

25 understand the Wuwang hexagram and be afraid of accidents. No false, no false. How can we be free? That is to comply with the mandate of heaven, the way of heaven is dry, so people should be diligent and strive. The key to be free from delusion is motivation. The so-called motivation is the source. Without delusion of thinking and thinking, how can there be disaster free? If it has already happened, in the face of disaster, we should be upright, not hypocritical, and return to the right path. In addition, we should deal with it properly, keep quiet and respond to the situation, grasp the proper measures, and do things according to the law, and there will be no mistakes. The most important thing is virtue and heart. 26 understand the big livestock hexagram, laugh at setbacks. Big animals, big savings. Generally speaking, vigorous people are eager to make progress and achieve great things when they are young, lack of experience and training, and they are bound to encounter difficulties and setbacks when they want to achieve great things, and setbacks are the inevitable course for people to mature. Without suffering, poverty, frustration, and bending, people will feel uneven, angry, rough, and hasty in handling affairs. Therefore, people must pass through here. Frustration is conducive to the cultivation of moral integrity and wisdom. When the animals are mature and they can work together, they will be able to overcome difficulties and achieve great things. Well, read yourself. Yi, pure to raise. Cultivating one’s moral character first, cultivating one’s health first, cultivating one’s mind first, and cultivating one’s morality, one can support one’s family only if one’s moral integrity is right. If you raise yourself, you can’t embezzle; if you raise your family, you can’t raise a mistress; otherwise, you will be punished. Justice, correct methods, and understanding economy will lead to good fortune. Only when you don’t eat, talk, collect and save money, you can get it from the people and use it for the people. If you climb less, you will have a clean heart. Read the Daguo hexagram and know how to measure it. Big mistakes, too much, come from the environment and the situation. Although there are dangers, as long as problems are found in time and adjusted appropriately, things will eventually develop in a good direction. All things should be measured and enough should be stopped; only when we are willing to struggle can we create a beautiful blueprint and a vigorous life; we should check our own behavior, not to do small but big things, to earn one point and use three points; to be practical and to strengthen ourselves; to live in the present and to observe things. 29. Understand the trigram and face the ups and downs. Ridge, pit. People in the journey, sometimes not only uneven road or no way, but traps and cliffs, and you have to go forward, because there is no way back. When a man is in trouble, his spirit is greatly reduced, but his virtue, wisdom and self-confidence often exist in crisis and adversity. Poverty is good for one’s own health, while attainment is good for the world. When you are at a dead end, one is not to act rashly; the other is to break through the conventional rules; the third is to defeat yourself, and everything will get better. To understand the trigram is a life-long experience. From for the flame, people collect firewood, the flame is high, firewood is the support of the flame. Learning depends on teachers, promotion depends on noble people, speed depends on airplanes, rain shelter depends on umbrellas, seedlings rely on rain and dew, everything depends on the sun. Officials come to occupy the promotion, farmers to occupy to increase production. However, all of these are based on the premise that: empty chest is like a valley, be upright, be alert to danger in times of peace, be kind to others, have a certain degree of attachment, and let nature take its course. Reading xiangua makes friends all over the world. Salty, inductive. All things are created by the induction of heaven and earth, and men and women are induced to reproduce. According to the book of changes, communication between people is first induction, which is unintentional, so don’t worry about who to associate with, and the other party doesn’t sense everything in vain. With the induction, with modesty to contact, with sincerity to move, with credit as the cornerstone, will become a good friend. If you have a bright mind, be open-minded, be honest and kind, eliminate selfishness, and adhere to principles, you can make friends all over the world. To understand the constant hexagram is the right way in the world. The hexagram of henggua is like the wind under the thunder. It is vigorous and vigorous. The upper part is rigid and the lower part is soft. The heaven is superior to the earth. Only by adhering to principles can we succeed. That is to say, “the right way in the world is vicissitudes.”. Otherwise, they may suffer from their shame or go into evil ways. Do the right thing at the right time and go the right way in the right direction. If you are obedient when you are humble and uphold when you are respected, you will surely prosper forever. Read and avoid

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