5g mobile phones choose these models, which have high appearance and strong performance

For the students who have just completed the college entrance examination, they can finally have a rest. In the past, most examinees would ask their parents to buy a mobile phone. However, with the popularity of mobile games, it has become a choice for more people to buy the mobile phone that suits their wishes. So, of all the 5g phones, which one is worth buying?

as the work of Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary, Xiaomi 10 is good in all aspects, but the back cover still uses ordinary glass technology, and the texture and effect are not as good as the advanced flagship Ag and other special technologies, and the parameters of weight and thickness are also universal. However, in terms of hardware parameters and performance, Xiaomi 10 is still a flagship mobile phone worth purchasing.

Xiaomi 10 screen uses a high refresh rate of 90hz, which is very smooth between slides. In addition, the performance of Xiaolong 865 is also excellent on Xiaomi 10, and Antu is among the top runners. What’s more, Xiaomi 10 is the only 5g mobile phone with 100 million pixels at the same price. The ultra-high pixels make Xiaomi 10 have excellent camera performance. In addition, Xiaomi 10 also supports 30W wired and wireless fast power, and its charging performance is quite good.

glory 30 Pro is the true flagship of glory series, which uses the latest Kirin 9905g processor. As an integrated 5g chip, it has excellent performance and power consumption. Although it is not as good as snapdragon 865 in performance, it is enough to meet the needs of high-intensity games and office.

the most powerful function of glory 30 Pro is its camera performance. As the flagship product of glory series, glory 30 Pro is equipped with powerful four cameras, 40 million super bottom main cameras, 16 million ultra wide angle cameras, and 8 million pixel periscope long focus camera, which can support 50 times zoom shooting at most. At the same time, glory 30 Pro also uses curved screen design, the screen refresh rate reaches 90hz, which is the mainstream configuration at present. The chief secretary and five chief secretaries resigned to take responsibility for the poor administration

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