5g base station is dormant, and 5g package is open for nothing? The truth is

Recently, a message that “Luoyang Unicom reduces the energy consumption of 5g base stations through AAU deep dormancy” has aroused heated discussion. Many users are worried that the 5g base stations are dormant, which will affect their use of 5g networks. Is the 5g package opened in name but in reality?

in this regard, many experts interviewed by the Economic Daily said that the 5g base station dormancy is not the shutdown of the station, which has little impact on users. It is a way for operators to reduce energy consumption in the case of low business volume. However, the matter also brought the high electricity cost of 5g network operation into the public’s view. In view of this problem, the reporter of Economic Daily also conducted in-depth investigation and interview.

according to the public information on the Internet, Luoyang Branch of China Unicom has opened the deep sleep function under no-load state regularly at different time periods for three kinds of radio frequency unit equipment of different base stations, so as to realize the purpose of intelligent energy consumption control of base station equipment. For example, for a site that has not been verified by a single station or has been verified by a single station, the AAU deep sleep function is turned on all the time; for the site that is undergoing single station verification, the AAU deep sleep function is turned on in different periods.

what is AAU deep sleep? In this regard, Li Fuchang, deputy director of the wireless Research Department of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, said that the deep sleep function of AAU under no-load state refers to that when the base station business is in a long-time idle state, because there is no 5g user access, AAU equipment can turn off the power supply of most active devices and enter the sleep state, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the no-load power consumption of AAU.

why should AAU devices in no-load state enter deep sleep? The answer, of course, is to reduce energy consumption. Li Fuchang explained that the AAU equipment of 5g base station supports 64 channels or 32 channels, adding a large number of active devices, baseband processing units and other devices compared with the traditional 4G equipment, so the no-load power consumption of this type of equipment will be greatly increased, which can reach three or four hundred watts.

5g bandwidth is increased by 5 times compared with 4G, and the power consumption is an objective fact. It is understood that the typical power consumption of 5g macro station single system is 2-3 times of that of 4G base station. Among them, the increase of AAU power consumption is the main reason for the increase of 5g base station power consumption. China Tower has compared Huawei, ZTE and Datang equipment in a forum. The results show that the typical power consumption of 5g base station is about 3500 watts, while that of 4G system is 1300 watts.

pan Juan, deputy director of Tel System Laboratory of China Academy of communications and communications, told the Economic Daily reporter that the improvement of 5g network performance will put forward higher requirements on many aspects of the system, such as the requirements for system computing capacity, transmission capacity, heat dissipation capacity, supporting air conditioning cooling capacity, etc., and the corresponding overall energy consumption will also increase.

“it is a trend of refinement of network management to let AAU devices in no-load state enter deep sleep.” Fu Liang, an independent Telecom analyst, believes that through the scheduling algorithm of artificial intelligence, the power supply of some equipment can be turned off under the condition of low rate and low business volume, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving. This practice has little impact on users, but it can greatly reduce the power charges and other maintenance costs of operators.

Fu Liang also said that when the base station is normally turned on, compared with the peak period, the energy consumption of the base station in the latter half of the night is not much reduced, but the actual energy consumption is very low, and most of the energy consumption is “invalid energy consumption”. In addition to further reduce the unit energy consumption of base stations, how to reduce this “invalid energy consumption” has become the focus of operators and equipment manufacturers.

so, will this deep sleep affect users’ use? In this regard, Li Fuchang replied that the AAU deep sleep function of 5g base station is enabled in the idle time of business, and the operators will judge according to the real-time data, so as to realize the intelligent management of 5g network power consumption. At the same time, the operator will keep at least one network to ensure the normal business of users. If 5g traffic suddenly increases, AAU equipment can also wake up quickly through the network management platform.

“the deep sleep of a base station is different from turning off the streetlights. It has no strict schedule. The premise of dormancy is that the current equipment is not in use or the traffic volume is lower than a certain value. If a base station has a large number of users in use, then the operator will not let the base station sleep. ” Fu Liang said that the base station dormancy and complete shutdown are two completely different states. If the conditions are met, you can wake up the base station at any time and let it return to normal use.

However, experts also said frankly that at present, the coverage of 5g network is still small, and there are fewer real 5g users. Therefore, some simple operations will be taken in the process of network construction. However, with the increase of the number of users and the increasing demand for the network, the operation and maintenance management of operators will become more and more sophisticated and intelligent.

“this kind of dormancy policy is constantly adjusted. With the increase of users connected to 5g network, operators will gradually shorten the dormancy time until it is completely cancelled and replaced by other network optimization methods.” Fu Liang said.

Fu Liang also said that, unlike 5g services for ordinary consumers, this kind of base station sleep has less impact on the application of 5g industry. Because the industry application demand curve is obvious, operators can adjust the base station usage according to the demand, so as to reduce the power consumption as far as possible without affecting the use. In addition, in the independent networking network, if automatic driving and automatic control have been widely used in commercial use, the 5g network in the involved area will not adopt this sleep mode, but adopt a more intelligent scheduling method.

the high construction and operation cost of 5g base station has always been the pain point of the industry. Previously, operators have publicly stated that their biggest concerns about 5g include three points: the number of 5g base stations may be three times more than that of 4G base stations; the power consumption of each base station is three times that of 4G base stations; and the price of each base station may be three times that of 4G base stations.

“with the scale construction of 5g network, the corresponding power cost will also increase. In the early stage of construction, it is very important to strengthen the power supply guarantee of 5g infrastructure through policy support to promote 5g construction. For example, we will implement preferential policies for 5g base stations and computer rooms, reduce the electricity price of 5g infrastructure through market competition, further standardize the charging of power transfer links, and promote the qualified communication infrastructure to change from power supply to direct power supply. At the same time, it also encourages the industry to overcome difficulties, reduce costs and increase efficiency through technology upgrading and network optimization, so as to promote development. ” Pan Juan said.

in this regard, the relevant person in charge of China Telecom also said in an interview with the reporter of Economic Daily that the industrial chain is currently promoting the further reduction of 5g base station power consumption from technology, such as using processing chips with lower power consumption, and energy-saving control through artificial intelligence algorithm, etc. At the same time, when the current network is deployed, the transmission power configuration and the number of transmit and receive antennas are determined according to the local environment and the number of users. The flexible selection of base station configuration can reduce the power consumption. The chief secretary and five chief secretaries resigned to take responsibility for the poor administration

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