574 newly diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Italy were confirmed in 252809 cases.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed on is 14 cases in Italy, 574 cases were diagnosed as new crown pneumonia, 252809 cases were confirmed by

, 3 cases were newly diagnosed, 35234 cases died, 403 cases were cured, and 203326 cases were cured. There are 14249 confirmed cases, 168 more than the previous day, including 56 cases of intensive care. On the same day, 21 of the 36 new cases reported in Sicily were immigrants landing on the coast of the region. Piedmont said that the number of new confirmed cases reported by the region on that day may be less than the actual number of new cases due to technical failure of the statistical system. 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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