38.9 billion plan failed! After the storm of Huawei, Li Jiacheng’s action made Canada taste the evil result again

As we all know, Huawei suffered a series of unfair treatment some time ago. In the process of 5g promotion, Huawei was unreasonably rejected by many countries, and CFO was illegally detained in Canada.

but Guo Ping, chairman of Huawei’s rotating chairman, said in his speech in the new year of 2019: “injustice forces us to be the first in the world.” At present, Huawei’s annual revenue has reached 700 billion yuan, and the mobile phone shipment volume has exceeded 200 million yuan, which is no doubt the first in 5g field.

Moreover, Huawei is not alone in the battle. Many domestic enterprises have also expressed their support for Huawei, giving priority to purchasing Huawei’s products, encouraging employees to buy Huawei ZTE’s mobile phones and severely punishing employees who buy Apple’s mobile phones. Some big men even stood up to support Huawei. Li Jiacheng had already spent 17.5 billion yuan to sign a cooperation agreement with Huawei, which also changed the attitude of British operators towards Huawei. Let netizens give thumbs up to the former “richest Chinese”.

Li Ka Shing once again made a move to let Canada taste the evil result again. In the wake of Huawei’s turmoil, Li Ka Shing urgently terminated its plan to acquire Canadian enterprises, which also ruined the 38.9 billion plan.

Li Ka Shing has more wealth than Canada’s richest man. Therefore, Li Ka Shing is very welcome to invest in Canada. This 38.9 billion acquisition plan was originally intended to acquire MEG energy company, which can greatly promote local economic benefits and ease employment problems.

after Huawei’s time, Canadian enterprises can be said to have been greatly affected. The market value of Canada geese, a global famous brand, has plummeted, and the plan to open stores in China has also been postponed. Orders from other Canadian industries to China have also declined significantly.

although MEG is a local energy company in Canada, it has also been affected and its market value has been greatly reduced. Therefore, Li Ka Shing has also terminated the acquisition plan urgently.

Canada’s experience can be said to be self inflicted. There was nothing wrong with him. In order to please the United States, he has made himself miserable. Now China has become strong, and Chinese enterprises are not free to suppress!

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