24 EU countries sent “protest notes” to the United States, and three countries refused to join the protest

According to Russian media reported on the 13th, German “welt” reported that the US plan to impose new sanctions on the “beixi-2” natural gas pipeline project has been opposed by 24 of the 27 EU Member States. The EU delegation sent a “protest note” to the US State Department during the video conference, but the report did not mention the level of protest and which three countries refused to join the protest. “We can confirm that at the meeting between the EU delegation and the US State Department on August 12, the EU delegation took diplomatic action against the US sanctions policy, which was conducted in the form of video with the participation of 24 Member States,” a European diplomatic source said In terms of content, the protest note reiterated the statement made by the European Union High Representative for foreign and security policy Borrelli on July 17, and talked about the increasing frequency of the United States imposing or threatening to impose sanctions on European enterprises, including those participating in the “North stream-2” and “Turkish Creek” projects. EU countries believe that extraterritorial sanctions violate international law. Germany has also repeatedly said that it considers the sanctions imposed by the United States on participants in the construction of natural gas pipelines unacceptable. On August 11, German Foreign Minister hekko Maas disagreed with the US’s Extraterritorial restrictions on the beixi-2 project and pointed out that the decision on European energy policy was jointly made by European countries and in Brussels. The EU can independently decide where to buy energy. However, the Estonian foreign minister ulmas reinsaru said in an interview with the media that the US plan to impose sanctions on European companies involved in the “beixi-2” project is in the interests of Estonia. He pointed out that there was no consensus within European countries on the construction of natural gas pipelines, but Estonia agreed with the measures taken by the United States. He also added that he understood the logic of the United States. < p > < p > earlier, the United States announced its intention to strengthen and expand the sanctions on the “beixi-2” project, which hit not only Russia, but also the European Union. On August 5, several U.S. senators asked faehhafen sassnitz, a German port operator, to stop supporting the pipeline construction of “beixi-2” project, or the United States would “destroy” the company financially. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > the beixi-2 project plans to build a natural gas pipeline with an annual capacity of 55 billion cubic meters from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany to supply natural gas directly to Europe. Most EU countries support the project and participate in its implementation. The United States, the Baltic States, Ukraine and Poland objected. What’s the truth behind the loss making underwear store’s use of altruistic thinking to build a community and make more than 200000 yuan a month

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