222 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases confirmed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15178 cases were diagnosed.

novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 222 cases in the past 24 hours, according to the statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina in August 13th. The total number of new crown pneumonia cases has risen to 15178 cases in the past 222 years. 5 cases of newly increased deaths and 449 cases of cumulative deaths have been added. 324 cases have been cured and 8773 cases have been cured. Up to now, a total of 98927 people have been tested in the Federation of BIH, 9072 cases have been confirmed and 235 cases have died; 56280 people have been tested in BIH, 5867 cases have been diagnosed and 208 cases have died. On August 12, Bosnian Republika Srpska Prime Minister Viskovic said that the government would allocate 15 million marks for the purchase of medical equipment to prepare for a new round of epidemic in autumn. India has more than 60000 cases for the first time and over 2 million cases have been diagnosed

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